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3GPP 23-series — Technical Realization – Stage 2

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Following the Plenary Meetings of Sep 2019
Updated TS/TR:

TS 23.003 (16.0.0)  Numbering, Addressing and Identification
TS 23.007 (15.4.0)  Restoration Procedures
TS 23.008 (16.0.0)  Organization of Subscriber Data
TS 23.041 (16.1.0)  Technical Realization of Cell Broadcast Service (CBS)
TS 23.122 (16.3.0)  NAS functions for MS in Idle Mode
TS 23.167 (16.0.0)  IMS Emergency Sessions
TS 23.203 (16.1.0)  PCC Architecture
TS 23.216 (16.2.0)  SRVCC
TS 23.222 (16.5.0)  CAPIF for 3GPP Northbound APIs
TS 23.228 (16.2.0)  IMS
TS 23.237 (16.3.0)  IMS Service Continuity
TS 23.246 (16.1.0)  MBMS
TS 23.273 (16.1.0)  5GS Location Services
TS 23.280 (17.0.0)  Common functional architecture for MCS
TS 23.281 (17.0.0)  MCVideo
TS 23.282 (17.0.0)  MCData
TS 23.283 (17.0.0)  Mission Critical Communication Interworking with Land Mobile Radio Systems
TS 23.285 (16.1.0)  Architecture enhancements for V2X Services
TS 23.286 (16.1.0)  Application Layer support for V2X Services
TS 23.288 (16.1.0)  Architecture enhancements for 5GS to support Network Data Analytics Services
TS 23.316 (16.1.0)  Wireless and Wireline Convergence Access Support for the 5G System
TS 23.379 (17.0.0)  MCPTT
TS 23.380 (16.1.0)  IMS Restoration Procedures
TS 23.401 (16.4.0)  EPS for E-UTRAN Access
TS 23.434 (16.1.0)  Service Enabler Architecture Layer for Verticals
TS 23.468 (15.1.0)  GCSE_LTE
TS 23.501 (16.2.0)  System Architecture for the 5G System
TS 23.502 (16.2.0)  Procedures for the 5G System
TS 23.503 (16.2.0)  PCC Framework for the 5G System
TS 23.527 (16.1.0)  5G System Restoration Procedures
TS 23.682 (16.4.0)  Architecture enhancements to Facilitate Communications with Packet Data Networks and Applications
TR 23.973 (16.1.0)  User Data Interworking, Coexistence and Migration

Current Drafts: (links to 3GPP dynamic report, in a new tab)

TS 23.180 (0.2.0)  Mission Critical (MC) services support in the Isolated Operation for Public Safety (IOPS) mode of operation
TS 23.632 (1.0.0)  User data interworking, coexistence and migration
TR 23.700-07 (0.2.0)  Study on enhanced support of non-public networks
TR 23.700-16 (-)  Study on support for Wireless and Wireline Convergence for the 5GS (5WWC)
TR 23.700-20 (0.2.0)  Study on enhanced support of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in 5GS
TR 23.700-24 (0.2.0)  Study on support of the 5GMSG (Message Service for MIoT over 5G System) Service
TR 23.700-31 (-)  Study on enhancement to the 5G Core (5GC) LoCation Services (LCS)
TR 23.700-40 (0.2.0)  Study on enhancement of network slicing
TR 23.700-91 (0.1.0)  Study on enablers for network automation for the 5GS
TR 23.700-93 (-)  Study on access traffic steering, switch and splitting support in the 5GS architecture
TR 23.700-94 (-)  Study on the usage of user identifiers in the 5GS
TR 23.723 (0.2.0)  Study of system level impacts due to introduction of light connection for LTE in EPS
TR 23.727 (0.2.0)  Study on application awareness interworking between LTE and NR
TR 23.728 (0.0.0)  Study on system architecture enhancement for next generation real time communication
TR 23.736 (0.2.0)  Study on enhancement of systems using EPS for Ultra Reliability and Availability using commodity equipment
TR 23.737 (2.0.0)  Study on architecture aspects for using satellite access in 5G
TR 23.738 (0.0.0)  Study on supporting Flexible Local Area Data Network
TR 23.739 (1.0.0)  Study on enhancement of EPC for low latency communication including device mobility
TR 23.744 (1.2.0)  Study into location enhancements for mission critical services
TR 23.745 (0.6.0)  Study on application support layer for Factories of the Future (FotF) in the 5G network
TR 23.747 (-)  Study on system architecture enhancement to support Service-Based SMS
TR 23.748 (0.1.0)  Study on enhancement of support for Edge Computing in 5G Core network (5GC)
TR 23.752 (0.2.0)  Study on system enhancement for Proximity based Services (ProSe) in the 5GS
TR 23.753 (-)  Study on User Plane Function (UPF) enhancement for control and 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)
TR 23.754 (-)  Study on supporting unmanned aerial systems connectivity, Identification and tracking
TR 23.755 (0.4.0)  Study on application layer support for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
TR 23.757 (0.2.0)  Study on architectural enhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast services
TR 23.758 (2.0.0)  Study on Application Architecture for enabling Edge Applications
TR 23.760 (-)  Study on enhancement of 5G User Equipment (UE) policy
TR 23.761 (0.2.0)  Study on system enablers for devices having multiple Universal Subscriber Identity Modules (USIM)
TR 23.762 (-)  Study on enhanced 5G Local Area Network (LAN) type service
TR 23.764 (0.2.0)  Study on enhancements to application layer support for V2X services
TR 23.772 (1.0.0)  Enhanced Circuit Switched (CS) fallback
TR 23.774 (0.1.0)  Study on enhanced Mission Critical (MC) services over 5G multicast-broadcast system
TR 23.775 (-)  Feasibility study on Multimedia Priority Service (MPS) phase 2
TR 23.776 (-)  Study on architecture enhancements for 3GPP support of advanced Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services; Phase 2
TR 23.783 (0.8.0)  Study on Mission Critical (MC) services support over the 5GS
TR 23.787 (0.4.0)  Study on encrypted traffic detection and verification
TR 23.794 (2.0.0)  Study on enhanced IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to 5GC integration