3GPP 34-series — UE and USIM test specifications

The technical specifications (TS) are displayed in blue, while the reports (TR) are shown in green.  TS that have been discontinued in earlier releases are indicated with a light blue color.  TR in the '9' range that have been stopped are highlighted in light green.  TS or TR with a yellow background indicate those updated (other than an automatic update to Rel-18 version after Rel-18 stage 3 freeze) at the latest  Q1-2024  Plenary Meetings.  The new ones are displayed with a single red dotted overline.

TS 34.108
REL  3 → 15
Common Test Environments for UE —
Conformance Testing

TS 34.109
REL  3 → 18
Terminal Logical Test interface —
Special Conformance Testing functions

TS 34.114
REL  7 → 12
UE/MS Over The Air (OTA) Antenna Performance —
Conformance testing

UE Conformance specification — FDD

TS 34.122
REL  3 → 11
Terminal conformance specification
Radio transmission and reception (TDD)

UE Conformance specification

TS 34.124
REL  3 → 18
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
for Mobile Terminals and Ancillary Equipment

TS 34.131
REL  6 → 18
Test Specification
for C-language Binding to (U)SIM API

TS 34.171
REL  6 → 9
Terminal conformance specification —

TS 34.172
REL  10
Terminal conformance specification —

IP Multimedia Call Control Protocol based on SIP and SDP

TR 34.901
REL  3
Test Time Optimisation based on Statistical Approaches

TR 34.902
REL  5 → 11
Derivation of Test Tolerances
for multi-cell Radio Resource Model (RRM) conformance tests

TR 34.907
REL  3
Report on Electrical Safety Requirements and Regulations

TR 34.925
REL  3
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Requirements and Regulations in different regions

TR 34.926
REL  4 → 18
Table of international requirements
for mobile terminals and ancillary equipment

TR 34.943
REL  5
Analysis of difference between FDD and 1.28 Mcps TDD;
Effect on terminal conformance test...