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TS 23.002 (SA2)
Network Architecture

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GSM Phase-1 v3.1.4  1992/02  22 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Milinski, Alexander

This document offers an overview of the 3GPP PLMN and its architectures and configuration. The configuration and the functional entities of the PLMN and the interfaces between them are described on a general level in order to cope with possible implementations. These descriptions include interfaces between and within the core networks, the access networks, the user equipment, different service platforms, different domains and subsystems, and functional entities within domains and subsystems.
This document covers different architectural aspects with varying level of detail. In general, other specifications shall be referred to for further details; these specifications enable the reader to acquire the full understanding of a system or service feature.
Note that this document does not cover, or even list, all features of PLMNs.