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3GPP 32-series — OAMP and Charging

32.0   32.1   32.2   32.3   32.4   32.5   32.6   32.7   32.8   32.9

172 TS out of 313 in the 32‑series are "Historical" (discontinued) mainly because of the evolution of the IRP specification structure:
  • xx1:  xyz IRP Requirements
  • xx2:  xyz IRP Information Service (IS)
  • xx3:  xyz IRP CORBA SS (merged into xx6 after Rel-9)
  • xx4:  xyz IRP CMIP SS (withdrawn after Rel‑6)
  • xx5:  xyz IRP XML Definitions (merged into xx6 after Rel‑9)
  • xx6:  xyz IRP SS (from Rel‑10, containing all technology specific SS definitions)
  • xx7:  xyz IRP SOAP SS (merged into xx6 after Rel‑9)
Moreover, from Rel-11, a number of 32‑series NRM IRPs have been transferred to the 28‑series.
Here is a summary of all (Interface IRPs, NRM IRPs, Data Definition IRPs) the 32‑series IRPs:
32.111.x Alarm IRP
32.12x   AAM IRP
32.17x   SuM NRM IRP
        →  28.751…753
32.30x   Notification IRP
32.31x   Generic IRP
32.32x   Test Management IRP
32.33x   Notification Log IRP
32.34x   File Transfer IRP
32.35x   Communication Surveillance IRP
32.36x   Entry Point IRP
32.38x   Partial Suspension of Itf-N IRP
32.39x   Delta synchronization IRP
32.41x   Performance Management IRP
32.44x   Trace Management IRP
32.50x   Self-Configuration of Network Elements IRP
32.52x   SON Policy NRM IRP
        →  28.627…629
32.53x   Software management IRP
32.60x   Basic CM IRP
32.61x   Bulk CM IRP
32.62x   Generic NRM IRP
        →  28.621…623
32.63x   Core Network NRM IRP
        →  28.701…703
32.64x   UTRAN NRM IRP
        →  28.651…653
32.65x   GERAN NRM IRP
        →  28.654…656
32.66x   Kernel CM IRP
32.67x   State Management Data Definition IRP
        →  28.624…626
32.69x   Inventory Management NRM IRP
        →  28.631…633
32.71x   TN interface NRM IRP
        →  28.731…733
32.73x   IMS NRM IRP
        →  28.704…706
32.74x   STN interface NRM IRP
        →  28.734…737
32.75x   EPC NRM IRP
        →  28.707…709
32.76x   E-UTRAN NRM IRP
        →  28.657…659
32.77x   HNS NRM IRP
        →  28.671…673
32.78x   HeNS NRM IRP
        →  28.674…676
32.79x   Generic RAN NRM IRP
        →  28.661…663