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inside the 3GPP Standardization environment
in order to ease the follow-up of 5G standards

As of end August 2020, we restart the updating of this site, on a new basis for 3GPP:
  • So far, this site has provided an overview for each series, and a descriptor for each 3GPP TS/TR, including a full table of contents (ToC) with an indicator showing the evolution at each release. However, what is really useful is to have access to the content of the specifications and reports and to have the possibility to navigate from one document to another via the links to clauses, figures and tables.
  • Therefore, for each 3GPP TS/TR, there is now an essential table of contents (eToC) on the main page, and access to the content itself on additional pages. The left border in the eToC mentions whether the content is available, not yet available, or not planned.
  • However, this is just a start and there is still much to do. For most of the TS/TR there is only the scope as content, but this will be gradually completed and improved.
  • To alleviate the working load we have removed the references to drafts and work items. We have also removed the glossaries, which were not easy to maintain up-to-date. But, in regards to identifiers, the content is available for TS 23.003.
  • On this home page we will refer to main topics for a direct access to the relevant TS/TR, e.g.: This is still to be worked out, and somehow, this will replace the glossary related to features.
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