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inside the 3GPP Standardization environment

in order to ease the follow-up of 5G standards
We are creating a 3GPP space with most of the content of the 3GPP specifications and reports. The full RFC space is already available, with our own restyled versions, since the 3GPP standards largely refers to the IETF RFCs.
For each 3GPP TS/TR, there is an essential table of contents (eToC) on the main page, and access to the content itself on additional pages. The left border in the eToC mentions whether the content is "available", "not available yet", or "not planned". As an alternative there is no eToC, and the Content is displayed on the main page, e.g. TS 38.124 .
Here is a quick access to the main TS/TR, by domains.

Joël Santugini-Repiquet
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