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3GPP 27-series — Data

Following the Plenary Meetings of Dec 2019

TS 27.001CT3Rel‑3 → 15
General on Terminal Adaptation Functions (TAF)
for Mobile Stations

TS 27.002CT3Rel‑3 → 15
Terminal Adaptation Functions (TAF)
for Services using Asynchronous Bearer Capabilities

TS 27.003CT3Rel‑3 → 15
Terminal Adaptation Functions (TAF)
for Services using Synchronous Bearer Capabilities

TS 27.005CT1Rel‑3 → 15
Use of DTE-DCE Interface
for SMS and CBS

TS 27.007CT1Rel‑3 → 16
AT Command Set for User Equipment

TS 27.010CT3Rel‑3 → 15
Terminal Equipment to User Equipment (TE-UE)
Multiplexer Protocol

TS 27.060CT3Rel‑3 → 15
Mobile Station (MS)
supporting Packet Switched Services

TS 27.103CT1Rel‑3 → 5
WAN Synchronization

TR 27.901CT3Rel‑3 → 5
Report on Terminal Interfaces: an Overview

TR 27.903CT1Rel‑3 → 4
Discussion of Synchronization Standards