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3GPP 33-series — Security aspects

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Following the Plenary Meetings of Dec 2019

Current Drafts:
(links to 3GPP dynamic report, in a new tab)

TS 33.434 (0.1.0)  Service Enabler Architecture Layer (SEAL); Security aspects for Verticals
TS 33.535 (0.2.0)  Authentication and key management for applications based on 3GPP credentials in the 5GS
TR 33.769 (-)  Feasibility Study on Security Aspects of Machine-Type Communications Enhancements to facilitate communications with Packet Data Networks and Applications
TR 33.808 (0.3.0)  KDF negotiation for 5GS security - phase2
TR 33.809 (0.8.0)  Study on 5G security enhancements against false base stations
TR 33.813 (0.8.0)  Study on security aspects of network slicing enhancement
TR 33.818 (0.6.0)  SECAM and SCAS for 3GPP virtualized network products
TR 33.824 (0.6.0)  Study on security aspects of Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB) for Next Radio (NR)
TR 33.826 (-)  Study on Lawful Interception Service Evolution
TR 33.830 (0.5.0)  Feasibility study on IMS firewall traversal
TR 33.832 (0.3.0)  Study on IMS Enhanced Spoofed Call Prevention and Detection
TR 33.836 (0.5.0)  Study on security aspects of 3GPP support for advanced V2X services
TR 33.842 (0.0.0)  Study on Lawful Interception (LI) service in 5G
TR 33.845 (0.2.0)  Study on storage and transport of 5GC security parameters for ARPF authentication
TR 33.846 (0.5.0)  Study on authentication enhancements in the 5GS
TR 33.848 (0.5.0)  Study on security impacts of virtualisation
TR 33.853 (0.7.0)  Key issues and potential solutions for integrity protection of the User Plane (UP)
TR 33.855 (1.9.0)  Study on security aspects of the 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)
TR 33.861 (1.5.0)  Study on evolution of cellular IoT security for the 5GS
TR 33.865 (0.5.0)  Security Aspects of WLAN Network Selection for 3GPP Terminals
TR 33.929 (0.0.2)  Lawful Interception (LI) implementation guidance
TR 33.935 (0.2.0)  Detailed long term key update solutions