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TS 23.503SA2
PCC Framework for the 5G System

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Schramm, Mirko

The present document defines the Stage 2 Policy and Charging Control (PCC) framework for the 5G System. The PCC framework encompasses the following high level functions:
  • Flow Based Charging for network usage, including charging control and online credit control, for service data flows;
  • Policy control for session management and service data flows (e.g. gating control, QoS control, etc.);
  • Management for access and mobility related policies;
  • Management for UE access selection and PDU Session selection related policies.

It refers to the PCC functionality specified in TS 23.203 for policy and charging control for PDU Sessions, depicting the differences where those exist. For references to TS 23.203 made in this document,
  • the IP-CAN session of TS 23.203 maps to the PDU Session in 5GC.
  • the APN of TS 23.203 maps to DNN in 5GC.
  • the IP-CAN bearer of TS 23.203 maps to the QoS Flow in 5GC.
  • The PCRF of TS 23.203 maps to the PCF in 5GC.
  • The PCEF of TS 23.203 maps to the combination of SMF and UPF in 5GC.
  • The BBF shall be considered as being located in the PCEF.
  • TDF related description does not apply.
  • NBIFOM related description does not apply.

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