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TR 23.892SA2
IMS Centralized Services

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V8.0.1 (Wzip)  2008/03  167 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Bennett, Andy

This TR contains the results of the feasibility study into the architectural requirements and alternatives for the delivery of consistent services to the user mainly via IMS centralized services regardless of the attached access type; e.g. CS domain access or IP-CAN. Considerations include overall requirements, architectural requirements, alternative architectures and evaluation of potential architectural solutions.

full Table of Contents for  TR 23.892  Word version:   8.0.1

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  ReferencesWord-p. 13
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 14
4  Overall requirements
5  Architectural requirements and considerations
6  Architecture alternativesWord-p. 20
6.1  Introduction
6.2  Reference architecture for ICS UEsWord-p. 21
6.3  Architecture for support of non-ICS UE
6.3a  ICS Architecture for ICS UE and non-ICS UE
6.4  ICS Reference Points
6.4a  Applicability of the Domain Selection Function to ICS
6.5  Architectural alternative: I1-ps approach
6.5.1  Signalling and bearer architecture for full duplex speech over CS access
6.5.2  Information flowsWord-p. 40
6.5.3  I1-ps handover scenariosUp
6.6  Architectural alternative: I1-cs Application Server approachWord-p. 56
6.6.1  Signalling and bearer architecture for full duplex speech over CS accessUp
6.6.2  Assignment of Session Transfer IdentifierWord-p. 57
6.6.2a  RegistrationWord-p. 58
6.6.2b  Video callUp
6.6.3  Information flowsUp
6.7  Architectural alternative: I1-cs IMS Adaptor approach
6.8  Architectural alternative: L-CAAF-n approach
6.8a  Architectural alternative: Enhanced MSC Server approach
6.9  CAMEL redirection of CS call to IMS
6.9a  Deriving ICS specific IMPI/IMPU
6.10  Requirements on ICCP when using CS accessWord-p. 123
6.11  Media Handling
6.12  ICS Data Management
6.13  Service Support for ICS UE, using I1-ps and I1-cs approach, ICCC for call setupWord-p. 131
6.14  Service Support for ICS UE using I1-cs approach, CS call control with CAMEL for call setup
6.15  Domain selection function to ICSWord-p. 140
6.16  Impact on IMSWord-p. 141
6.17  Impact on CS Core Network
6.18  Impact on UE
6.19  Fallback MechanismsWord-p. 142
6.20  ICS capability exchange between the ICCF and the ICS UEWord-p. 143
7  ConclusionWord-p. 145
A  ICS Service examples with I1-psWord-p. 150
B  Information flow for mid call service using MRFC/MRFPWord-p. 158
C  Comparative analysis of solutions for non ICS UE supportWord-p. 163
D  MGW Realization for the Enhanced MSC Server approachWord-p. 165
E  Change historyWord-p. 167

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