3GPP Series Overview

Following the  Q2/21  Plenary Meetings, here are the new TS/TR:
21 916
22 844855858859867873874878881
23 255289558761
24 539811
26 802803
28 555
29 835
33 226521818845853873
36 763
37 880
38 176‑1176‑2832

The 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project, created late 90's) is aimed towards the development of standards for the various generations of mobile networks, from 3G to 5G. The 3GPP is organized in 3 main domains or TSGs (Technical Specification Groups): Radio Access Networks (RAN), Service and Systems Aspects (SA), Core Networks and Terminals (CT). New Specifications, or new versions of a number of Specifications, are produced just after the quarterly plenary meetings for each domain. Afterwards, the ETSI publishes the PDF versions for the releases that have been frozen (i.e. from June 2020, up to Rel‑16). The ETSI does not publish the PDF version for studies (8xx numbers, and sometimes 7xx numbers).
How initial GSM series have been split into 3GPP series
For a better overview of the contents of a specification or report, we reproduce the Table of Contents (ToC). A particularity of 3GPP standards development is that the original section numbers in a document are preserved. It can be extended, but a deleted section will appear as 'Void' and a section inserted between sections with consecutive numbers will be suffixed with a letter. We have taken advantage of this in order to highlight the number of the 3GPP Release number at which a section, and by the way a topic, has been taken into account during the evolution of a document.