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TS 23.167 (SA2)
IMS Emergency Sessions

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V15.4.0 (PDF)  2018/12  67 p.
V14.6.0  2018/09  60 p.
V13.2.0  2016/03  48 p.
V12.1.0  2015/03  44 p.
V11.11.0  2014/06  44 p.
V10.11.0  2014/06  44 p.
V9.14.0  2014/06  42 p.
V8.6.0  2013/09  38 p.
V7.13.0  2013/09  36 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Wong, Curt
See also:

This document defines the stage 2 service description for emergency services in the IMS, including the elements necessary to support IP Multimedia (IM) emergency services for eCall.
This specification introduces an additional CSCF role to those defined in the IMS architecture, called Emergency CSCF (E-CSCF).

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1  Scope [R7]Word-p. 7
2  References [R7]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R7]Word-p. 9
4  High level Principles [R7]
5  Architecture model and reference points [R7]
6  Functional description [R7]
7  Procedures related to establishment of IMS emergency session [R7]
C (Normative)  IMS emergency services using Fixed Broadband Access [R7]Word-p. 37
D  Examples of call flows according to NENA I2 recommendations [R7]Word-p. 39
E  Emergency support in different IP-CANs [R7]Word-p. 43
F (Normative)  IMS Emergency Services Using HRPD/PDS Network [R7]Word-p. 44
G  TEL URI provisioning considerations for IMS emergency call back [R8]Word-p. 45
H (Normative)  IMS emergency services using UTRAN, E-UTRAN and NG-RAN radio access network [R9]Word-p. 46
I (Normative)  IMS Emergency Services Using HRPD/EPC Network [R9]Word-p. 52
J (Normative)  IMS emergency services using WLAN access to EPC [R13]Word-p. 53
K (Normative)  Support of IMS emergency sessions for roaming users in deployments without IMS-level roaming interfaces [R14]Word-p. 56
L (Normative)  IMS emergency services using untrusted non-3GPP access to 5GC [R15]Word-p. 60
M  Change historyWord-p. 63

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