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TS 23.380CT4
IMS Restoration Procedures

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WI Acronym:  IMS_RP
Rapporteur:  Ms. Bartolome, Maria-CruzNanjing Ericsson Panda Com Ltd

Although network nodes in the IMS Core Network should have a very high availability, some maintenance downtime and occasional failures are unavoidable. Communication links although designed with robust protocols between the network elements are also subject to failures. This document specifies a set of standardized procedures for automatic restoration after loss or corruption of data reducing the impact of these problems in order to improve service to the users. The scenarios covered here for the IMS Domain are similar to those covered in TS 23.007 for the CS and PS Domains.
This TS specifies the procedures required in 3GPP IMS to handle a S-CSCF service interruption scenario with minimum impact to the service to the end user.

full Table of Contents for  TS 23.380  Word version:   16.2.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 9
4  Restoration of Data in the S-CSCFWord-p. 10
5  Recovery after P-CSCF failure [R9]
5.0  General
5.1  Update PDP context/Bearer at P-CSCF failureUp
5.2  Inform UE about P-CSCF failureWord-p. 18
5.3  Network recovery information flow - UE uses keep alive mechanismWord-p. 21
5.4  HSS-based P-CSCF restoration for 3GPP access [R12]Word-p. 22
5.5  PCRF-based P-CSCF restoration [R12]Word-p. 29
5.6  P-CSCF restoration for WLAN [R13]Word-p. 33
5.7  Interaction between P-CSCF restoration and NBIFOM [R13]Word-p. 41
5.8  P-CSCF Restoration for 5GC [R15]
5.9  P-CSCF Restoration in EPC with 5GC interworking [R15]Word-p. 51
5.10  P-CSCF Restoration in EPC for untrusted WLAN when N10 is used instead of S6b [R16]
6  Recovery after SCC AS failure [R13]
A  Change historyWord-p. 54

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