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TR 23.911
Technical report on Out-of-Band Transcoder Control

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V4.0.0 (PDF)  2001/04  32 p.
V3.0.1  2000/05  31 p.
Mr. Schmitt, Peter

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1  ScopeWord‑p. 5

The purpose of the present document is to study:
  1. The feasibility of out-of-band transcoder control in UMTS/IMT-2000 networks.
  2. The impact of out-of-band transcoder control on the UMTS/IMT-2000 specifications.
The present document introduces one enhanced in-band transcoder control procedure and four out-of-band transcoder control procedures that might be adaptable for transcoder control in UMTS/IMT-2000 networks. Then compare each procedure from various point of views to seek the most feasible procedure.

2  ReferencesWord‑p. 5

3  Definitions and AbbreviationsWord‑p. 5

4  IntroductionWord‑p. 5

5  Service requirementsWord‑p. 6

6  Interaction with existing servicesWord‑p. 7

7  Proposed proceduresWord‑p. 7

8  Comparison of proposed proceduresWord‑p. 26

9  ConclusionWord‑p. 28

$  Change historyWord‑p. 30

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