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TS 23.203 (SA2)
PCC – Policy and Charging Control Architecture

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Bertenyi, Balazs
See also: Antecedent:

This TS specifies the overall stage 2 level functionality for Policy and Charging Control that encompasses the following high level functions for IP-CANs (e.g. GPRS, I-WLAN, Fixed Broadband, etc.):
  • Flow Based Charging for network usage, including charging control and online credit control, for service data flows and application traffic;
  • Policy control (e.g. gating control, QoS control, QoS signalling, etc.).
The present document specifies the Policy and Charging Control functionality for Evolved 3GPP Packet Switched domain, including both 3GPP accesses GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN and Non-3GPP accesses, according to TS 23.401 and TS 23.402.

The present document specifies functionality for unicast bearers. Broadcast and multicast bearers, such as MBMS contexts for GPRS, are out of scope for the present release of this document.

short Table of Contents for  TS 23.203  Word version:   16.1.0

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1  Scope [R7]Word-p. 14
2  References [R7]Word-p. 14
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R7]Word-p. 16
4  High level requirements [R7]Word-p. 20
5  Architecture model and reference points [R7]Word-p. 28
6  Functional description [R7]Word-p. 35
7  PCC Procedures and flows [R7]Word-p. 123
A (Normative)  Access specific aspects (3GPP) [R7]Word-p. 161
D  Access specific aspects (Non-3GPP) [R7]Word-p. 187
G  PCC rule precedence configuration [R7]Word-p. 196
H (Normative)  Access specific aspects (EPC-based Non-3GPP) [R8]Word-p. 197
J  Standardized QCI characteristics - rationale and principles [R8]Word-p. 201
K  Limited PCC Deployment [R8]Word-p. 202
L (Normative)  Limited PCC Deployment [R8]Word-p. 202
M  Handling of UE or network responsibility for the resource management of services [R8]Word-p. 203
N  PCC usage for sponsored data connectivity [R10]Word-p. 204
P (Normative)  Fixed Broadband Access Interworking with EPC [R11]Word-p. 206
Q  How to achieve Usage Monitoring via the OCS [R12]Word-p. 235
R  Disabling/re-enabling Usage Monitoring for a PCC/ADC rule [R12]Word-p. 236
S (Normative)  Fixed Broadband Access [R12]Word-p. 237
T  How to accumulate PCC/ADC Rule usage in multiple monitoring groups [R12]Word-p. 256
U (Normative)  Policy and charging control in the downlink direction for traffic marked with DSCP by the TDF [R13]Word-p. 257
V  Policy Control for Remote UEs behind a ProSe UE-to-Network Relay UE [R13]Word-p. 258
X  Encrypted traffic detection by using domain name matching [R14]Word-p. 260
Y  Change historyWord-p. 261

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