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TS 23.303SA2
Proximity-based Services (ProSe)

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WI Acronym:  ProSe-SA2
Rapporteur:  Mr. Zisimopoulos, HarisZTE Corporation

The present document specifies the Stage 2 of the Proximity Services (ProSe) features in EPS, which consist of:
  • ProSe discovery (direct or EPC-level)
    It identifies that ProSe-enabled UEs are in proximity, using E-UTRAN (with or without E-UTRAN) or EPC.
  • ProSe Direct Communication (using E-UTRAN or WLAN direct)
    It enables establishment of communication paths between two or more ProSe-enabled UEs that are in direct communication range. The ProSe Direct Communication path could use E-UTRAN or WLAN.
3GPP 23.303 - Architecture for ProSe
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PC1 (not defined yet)  PC4b (Mobile Location Protocol as specified by OMA) 

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  Architecture Model and Concepts
4.1  General Concept
4.2  Architectural Reference ModelWord-p. 13
4.3  Reference pointsWord-p. 15
4.4  Functional EntitiesWord-p. 16
4.5  High Level FunctionUp
4.6  IdentifiersWord-p. 31
5  Functional Description and Information Flow
5.1  Control and user plane stacks
5.2  Service authorisation and revocation for ProSe Direct Discovery and ProSe Direct Communication
5.3  ProSe Direct DiscoveryWord-p. 44
5.3.1  General
5.3.2  Overall procedure for ProSe Direct Discovery (Model A)Word-p. 46
5.3.2A  Overall procedure for ProSe Direct Discovery (Model B) [R13]Word-p. 47
5.3.3  Discovery RequestWord-p. 48
5.3.3A  Discovery Request - Model B procedures [R13]Word-p. 71
5.3.4  Discovery reportingWord-p. 81
5.3.4A  Discovery reporting - Model B procedures [R13]Word-p. 88
5.3.5  Announcing Alert Procedures - restricted discovery [R13]Word-p. 91
5.3.6A  Direct Discovery Update Procedures [R13]Word-p. 93
5.3.7  Direct Discovery for Public Safety use [R13]Word-p. 100
5.4  Procedures for ProSe Direct CommunicationWord-p. 102
5.5  EPC-level ProSe Discovery proceduresWord-p. 113
5.6  EPC support for WLAN direct discovery and communicationWord-p. 119
5.7  ProSe impacts to EPC proceduresWord-p. 121
A  Assistance Information for EPC support for WLAN direct discovery and communicationWord-p. 124
B  Wild carded ProSe Application IDsWord-p. 125
C (Normative)  WLAN-based ProSe Direct Discovery [R15]Word-p. 127
D  Change historyWord-p. 129

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