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TS 23.222SA6
Common API Framework for 3GPP Northbound APIs

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V16.6.0 (Wzip)2019/12  113 p.
V15.4.0 (PDF)  2018/12  87 p.

WI Acronym:  CAPIF
Rapporteur:  Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UK

In 3GPP, there are multiple northbound API-related specifications (e.g. APIs for Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF) functionalities defined in TS 23.682, API for the interface between MBMS service provider and BM-SC defined in TR 26.981). To avoid duplication and inconsistency of approach between different API specifications, 3GPP has considered the development of a common API framework (CAPIF) that includes common aspects applicable to any northbound service APIs.
3GPP 23.203 - Functional model for the Common API Framework (CAPIF)
The present document specifies the architecture, procedures and information flows necessary for the CAPIF. The aspects of this specification include identifying architecture requirements for the CAPIF (e.g. registration, discovery, identity management) that are applicable to any service APIs when used by northbound entities, as well as any interactions between the CAPIF and the service APIs themselves. The common API framework applies to both EPS and 5GS, and is independent of the underlying 3GPP access (e.g. E-UTRA, NR).

short Table of Contents for  TS 23.222  Word version:   16.6.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 11
2  ReferencesWord-p. 11
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 12
4  Architectural requirementsWord-p. 13
5  Involved business relationshipsWord-p. 19
6  Functional modelWord-p. 20
7  Application of functional model to deploymentsWord-p. 31
8  Procedures and information flowsWord-p. 36
8.1  Onboarding the API invoker to the CAPIFWord-p. 36
8.2  Offboarding the API invoker from the CAPIFWord-p. 37
8.3  Publish service APIsWord-p. 39
8.4  Unpublish service APIsWord-p. 40
8.5  Retrieve service APIsWord-p. 41
8.6  Update service APIsWord-p. 43
8.7  Discover service APIsWord-p. 44
8.8  Subscription, unsubscription and notifications for the CAPIF eventsWord-p. 46
8.9  Revoking subscription of the CAPIF eventsWord-p. 51
8.10  Authentication between the API invoker and the CAPIF core functionWord-p. 52
8.11  API invoker obtaining authorization to access service APIWord-p. 53
8.12  AEF obtaining service API access control policyWord-p. 54
8.13  Topology hidingWord-p. 56
8.14  Authentication between the API invoker and the AEF prior to service API invocationWord-p. 57
8.15  Authentication between the API invoker and the AEF upon the service API invocationWord-p. 58
8.16  API invoker authorization to access service APIsWord-p. 60
8.17  CAPIF access controlWord-p. 62
8.18  CAPIF access control with cascaded AEFsWord-p. 63
8.19  Logging service API invocationsWord-p. 64
8.20  Charging the invocation of service APIsWord-p. 66
8.21  Monitoring service API invocationWord-p. 67
8.22  Auditing service API invocationWord-p. 68
8.23  CAPIF revoking API invoker authorizationWord-p. 69
8.24  API topology hiding management [R16]Word-p. 72
8.25  Support for CAPIF interconnenction [R16]Word-p. 73
8.26  Update API invoker's API list [R16]Word-p. 78
8.27  Dynamically routing service API invocation [R16]Word-p. 79
8.28  Registering the API provider domain functions on the CAPIF [R16]Word-p. 81
8.29  Update registration information of the API provider domain functions on the CAPIF [R16]Word-p. 82
9  API consistency guidelinesWord-p. 84
10  CAPIF core function APIsWord-p. 85
10.1  GeneralWord-p. 85
10.2  CAPIF_Discover_Service_API APIWord-p. 86
10.3  CAPIF_Publish_Service_API APIUpWord-p. 87
10.4  CAPIF_Events APIWord-p. 89
10.5  CAPIF_API_invoker_management APIWord-p. 90
10.6  CAPIF_Security APIWord-p. 92
10.7  CAPIF_Monitoring APIWord-p. 93
10.8  CAPIF_Logging_API_Invocation APIWord-p. 93
10.9  CAPIF_Auditing APIWord-p. 94
10.10  CAPIF_Access_Control_Policy APIWord-p. 94
11  API exposing function APIsWord-p. 95
11.1  GeneralWord-p. 95
11.2  AEF_Security APIWord-p. 95
A  Overview of CAPIF operationsWord-p. 96
B  CAPIF relationship with network exposure aspects of 3GPP systemsWord-p. 98
C  CAPIF role in chargingWord-p. 108
D  CAPIF relationship with external API frameworksWord-p. 110
E (Normative)  Configuration data for CAPIFWord-p. 111
F  Change historyWord-p. 112

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