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TS 23.286SA6
Application Layer support for V2X Services –
Functional Architecture and Information Flows

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V16.3.0 (Wzip)2020/03  64 p.

WI Acronym:  V2XAPP
Rapporteur:  Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

The present document specifies the functional architecture, procedures and information flows for V2X application enabler layer. This specification includes the capabilities of the application layer support for V2X services that are necessary to ensure efficient use and deployment of V2X services over 3GPP systems. The VAE capabilities applies to EPS.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  Architectural requirements
5  Involved business relationships
6  Functional modelWord-p. 13
7  Deployment models
8  IdentitiesWord-p. 24
9  Procedures and information flows
9.1  Usage of SEAL servicesUp
9.2  V2X UE registrationWord-p. 31
9.3  Application level location trackingWord-p. 33
9.4  V2X message delivery
9.5  File DistributionWord-p. 40
9.6  Provisioning 3GPP system information by VAE server
9.7  Network monitoring by the V2X UE
9.8  Switching modes of operations for V2V communicationsWord-p. 45
9.9  V2X service discovery
9.10  V2X service continuityWord-p. 47
9.11  V2X application resource management
9.12  Dynamic group managementWord-p. 51
9.13  Network situation and QoS monitoring and reporting
9.14  Service negotiation with underlying 3GPP network
10  VAE layer APIs
A  Detailed V2X application layer functional modelWord-p. 61
B  Functionalities with SA2 dependencyUp
C (Normative)  V2X application enabler related configuration data
D  Change historyWord-p. 64

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