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TR 23.908 (CT4)
Technical Report
on Pre-Paging

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V4.0.0 (PDF)  2001/04  17 p.
V3.0.1  2000/05  17 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Schmitt, Peter

In a GSM mobile terminated call, the called mobile station is not paged until after the SRI/PRN procedure is completed. This results in a call path being set up through the GSM network between the GMSC and the VMSC before the mobile station has been paged. In some circumstances this call path may turn out to have been unnecessary if the mobile station does not accept the call (e.g. because the mobile was out of coverage). This represents an inefficient use of network resources.
Pre-paging has been proposed as a means of using network resources in a more efficient manner. In this context, Prepaging in GSM/UMTS networks refers to the case where the called mobile is paged during the SRI/PRN procedure, i.e. before the MSC/VLR returns the PRN to the GMSC.
Also, this report will study whether Pre-paging is a suitable mechanism to improve the accuracy of location and status information for CAMEL. If so, this could lead to improved services for CAMEL subscribers.