3GPP 23-series — Technical Realization – Stage 2

new Specifications and Reports at each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting

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This list presents the latest Specifications and Reports (TS/TR) introduced during each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting, beginning from the most recent meeting and going back to approximately mid-2016, around the commencement of the 5G era. By reviewing this list, you can easily identify the assigned rapporteur responsible for each TS/TR, along with the corresponding company or organization that has delegated them to contribute to this standardization process.
TR 23.958Miss Kedalagudde, Meghashree DIntel Deutschland GmbHEdge Application Standards in 3GPP...
TS 23.433Mr. Amogh, NiranthHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.SEAL Data Delivery enabler for Vertical Apps
TS 23.435Ms. Zheng, ShaowenChina Mobile Com. CorporationProcedures for Network Slice Capability Exposure
TS 23.436Dr. Pateromichelakis, EmmanouilLenovo Future CommunicationsApplication Data Analytics Enablement Service
TS 23.542Mr. Lyu, Huazhangvivo Mobile Communication Co.,Application layer support for Personal IoT Network
TS 23.586Ms. Shen, YangBeijing Xiaomi Mobile SoftwareRanging based services and Sidelink Positioning
TR 23.700-38Mrs. Azem, DaniaBDBOSon configuration between interconnected MC service systems
TR 23.700-08Mr. Hedman, PeterEricsson LMon enhanced support of NPNs; Phase 2
TR 23.700-17Mr. Thiebaut, LaurentNokia Franceon 5WWC; Phase 2
TR 23.700-46Mr. Miklós, GyörgyEricsson Hungary Ltdon 5GS Deterministic Networking (DetNet) interworking
TR 23.700-62Miss Han, YanChina Mobile Com. Corporationon UPF enhancement for Exposure and SBA
TR 23.700-74Mr. Zhu, QianghuaHuawei Technologies Franceon enhancement of generic group management, exposure…
TR 23.700-85Mr. Shan, ChanghongIntel Corporation (UK) Ltdon enhancement of 5G UE policy
TR 23.700-86Ms. Shen, YangBeijing Xiaomi Mobile Softwareon enhancement of Ranging based services and sidelink positioning
TR 23.700-87Mr. Jiang, YiChina Mobile Com. Corporationon enhancement of next generation real time communication
TR 23.700-88Mr. Xie, Zhenhuavivo Mobile Communication Co.,on architecture enhancements for Personal IoT Network (PIN)
TR 23.700-97Ms. Mladin, CatalinaConvida Wirelesson Application Capability Exposure for IoT Platforms
TR 23.700-05Mr. Cheng, HongQualcomm Incorporatedon architecture enhancements for vehicle-mounted relays
TR 23.700-18Miss Kedalagudde, Meghashree DIntel Deutschland GmbHon system enabler for service function chaining
TR 23.700-25Ms. Chandramouli, DevakiNokia Germanyon timing resiliency and TSC and URLLC enhancements
TR 23.700-27Dr. Wang, HuchengCATTon support of satellite backhauling in 5GS
TR 23.700-28Mr. Fine, Jean-YvesTHALESon Integration of satellite components in the 5G architecture
TR 23.700-33Mr. Deng, QiangCATTon System enhancement for ProSe in the 5GS
TR 23.700-34Mr. Amogh, NiranthHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.on SEAL data delivery enabler for vertical applications
TR 23.700-41Mr. Zhu, JinguoZTE Corporationon enhancement of network slicing; Phase 3
TR 23.700-47Mr. Li, MengHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltdon enhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast services; Phase 2
TR 23.700-48Mr. Hédé, PatriceHuawei Technologies France5G System Enhancements for Edge Computing; Phase 2
TR 23.700-53Dr. Salkintzis, ApostolisLenovo Mobile Com. Technologyon ATSSS support in 5GS; Phase 3
TR 23.700-55Mr. Monrad, AtleInterDigital, Europe, Ltd.on enhanced Application Architecture for UAS applications
TR 23.700-58Mr. Stefano, FaccinQUALCOMM Europe Inc. - Italyon enhancements for UAS and urban air mobility
TR 23.700-60Ms. Wang, DanChina Mobile Com. Corporationon XR (Extended Reality) and media services
TR 23.700-64Mr. Amogh, NiranthHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.on AL support for V2X services; Phase 2
TR 23.700-71Mr. Ai, MingCATTon enhancement to the 5GC LoCation Services (LCS); Phase 3
TR 23.700-76Mr. Ramamoorthy, ArunprasathSamsung R&D Institute Indiaon ad hoc group communication support for MCS
TR 23.700-78Mr. Lyu, Huazhangvivo Mobile Communication Co.on AL support for Personal IoT and Residential Networks
TR 23.700-80Dr. Gutierrez Estevez, DavidSamsung R&D Institute UKon 5G system support for AI/ML-based services
TR 23.700-81Mr. Li, AihuaChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Enablers for Network Automation for 5G; Phase 3
TR 23.700-95Mr. Suzuki, YujiNTT DOCOMO INC.on subscriber-aware northbound API access
TR 23.700-96Miss Zhang, LingCATTon 5G-enabled fused location service capability
TR 23.700-98Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UKon Application Architecture for enabling Edge Applications
TR 23.700-36Dr. Pateromichelakis, EmmanouilLenovo Future Communicationson Application Data Analytics Enablement Service
TR 23.700-68Mr. Chen, QianNanjing Ericsson Panda Com Ltdon Support of reduced capability NR devices
TR 23.700-89Ms. Chen, ZhuoyiChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.on 5G AM Policy
TR 23.700-99Ms. Zheng, ShaowenChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Network Slice Capability Exposure for AL Enablement
TS 23.540Mr. Liu, LiuChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.5GS Service Based Short Message Service
TR 23.700-61Mr. Kumar, LalithSamsung R&D Institute Indiaon Seamless UE Context Recovery
TR 23.783Mr. Verweij, KeesThe Police of the Netherlandson MC services support over the 5GS
TR 23.700-11Mr. Wei, haitaoHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.on enhanced IMS to 5GC integration Phase 2, CT WG3
TR 23.700-90Mr. Oettl, MartinNokia Germanyon interconnection and migration aspects for Railways
TR 23.700-10Mr. Wei, haitaoHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.on enhanced IMS to 5GC integration Phase 2, CT WG1
TR 23.700-12Mr. Wei, haitaoHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.on enhanced IMS to 5GC integration Phase 2, CT WG4
TS 23.247Mr. Li, MengHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltdenhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast
TS 23.256Mr. Stefano, FaccinQUALCOMM Europe Inc. - ItalySupport of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS)
TS 23.304Miss Liu, JianhuaGuangdong OPPO Mobile Telecom.ProSe in the 5G System
TS 23.548Dr. Ni, HuiHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.5G System Enhancements for Edge Computing
TS 23.554Mr. Liu, YueChina Mobile Com. CorporationApplication architecture for MSGin5G Service
TR 23.700-79Mr. Oettl, MartinNokia Germanyon Gateway UE function for MC communications
TR 23.745Mr. Shao, WeixiangZTE Corporationon AL support for Factories of the Future in 5G network
TS 23.255Mr. Amogh, NiranthHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.Support for Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS)
TS 23.289Mr. Wendler, IngoSwiss Federal Railways LtdMission Critical services over 5G System
TS 23.558Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UKArchitecture for enabling Edge Applications
TR 23.761Mr. Stojanovski, SasoIntel Deutschland GmbHon devices having multiple USIM
TR 23.700-07Mr. Hedman, PeterEricsson LMon enhanced support of NPNs
TR 23.700-20Ms. Chandramouli, DevakiNokia Germanyon enhanced support of IIoT in 5GS
TR 23.700-24Mr. Liu, YueChina Mobile Com. Corporationon support of the 5G MSG (Message) Service
TR 23.700-40Miss So, TricciZTE Corporationon enhancement of Network Slicing; Phase 2
TR 23.700-93Miss So, TricciZTE Corporationon ATSS support in 5GS
TR 23.752Mr. Deng, QiangCATTon system enhancement for ProSe in 5GS
TR 23.755Mr. Amogh, NiranthHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.on application layer support for Unmanned Aerial Systems
TR 23.757Dr. Tonesi, Dario SerafinoHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltdon enhancements for 5G Multicast-Broadcast services
TR 23.776Dr. Kim, LaeyoungLG Electronics Franceon advanced V2X services; Phase 2
TR 23.700-91Mr. Wu, XiaoboHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on Enablers for network automation for 5GS
TR 23.748Dr. Ni, HuiHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on support for Edge Computing in 5GC
TR 23.754Mr. Faccin, StefanoQualcomm Japan LLC.on UAS Connectivity, Identification, Tracking
TS 23.180Ing. Solano, CamiloEricsson GmbH, EurolabMCS support in IOPS mode of operation
TR 23.764Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on enhancements to Application layer for V2X
TR 23.744Mr. Lazara, DominicMotorola Solutions UK Ltd.on Location enhancements for Mission Critical Services
TR 23.774Mr. Oprescu, ValAT&Ton MCS over 5G Multicast Broadcast System
TS 23.632Mr. Wiehe, UlrichNokia Shanghai BellUser Data Interworking, Coexistence and Migration
TR 23.737Mr. Rognant, PierreTHALESon using Satellite access in 5G
TR 23.758Mr. Gupta, NishantSamsung Electronics Co., Ltdon enabling Edge Applications
TR 23.794Mr. Joul, ChristopherT-Mobile USA Inc.on enhanced IMS to 5GC Integration
TS 23.287Dr. Kim, LaeyoungLG Electronics FranceV2X Services enhancements for 5GS
TR 23.735Ms. Koo, HyounheeSyncTechno Inc.on enhancements of PWS
TS 23.273Mr. Ai, MingCATT5GS Location Services
TS 23.286Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.Application Layer for V2X Services
TS 23.288Mr. Wu, XiaoboHuaWei Technologies Co., LtdNetwork Data Analytics for 5GS
TS 23.316Mr. Spini, MarcoHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.Wireless and Wireline Convergence for 5GS
TS 23.434Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UKSEAL for Verticals
TR 23.778Mr. Trank, MagnusEricsson LMon MC Services Access aspects
TR 23.784Mr. Chater-Lea, DavidMotorola Solutions UK Ltd.on Discreet Listening and Logging for MCS
TR 23.973Mr. Jiang, YiChina Mobile Com. CorporationUser Data Interworking, Coexistence and Migration
TS 23.479Miss Zhang, LingTD Tech LtdUE MBMS APIs for MCS
TR 23.732Ms. Sabater, SusanaVODAFONE Group Plcon User Data Interworking
TR 23.743Mr. Zisimopoulos, HarisQualcomm UK Ltdon UE Radio Capability Signalling
TR 23.786Dr. Kim, LaeyoungLG Electronics Franceon Advanced V2X Services with EPS/5GS
TR 23.796Mr. Oettl, MartinNokia Germanyon FRMCS Phase 2 Application Architecture
TR 23.716Mr. Spini, MarcoHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on Wireless and Wireline Convergence in 5GS
TR 23.724Dr. Speicher, SebastianQualcomm Wireless GmbHon Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) for 5GS
TR 23.725Mr. Ni, HuiHuawei Tech.(UK) Co., Ltdon URLLC support in the 5GC
TR 23.726Mr. Thiebaut, LaurentNokia Franceon SMF and UPF Topology in 5GC
TR 23.731Mr. Ai, MingCATTon 5GC LoCation Services
TR 23.734Ms. Chandramouli, DevakiNokia Germanyon 5GS for Vertical/LAN Services
TR 23.740Miss So, TricciZTE Corporationon enhancement of Network Slicing
TR 23.742Dr. Sun, TaoChina Mobile US Research Centreon enhancements to Service-Based Architecture
TR 23.791Mr. Wu, XiaoboHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltdon Enablers for Network Automation for 5G
TR 23.793Miss So, TricciZTE Corporationon ATSSS in 5GS
TS 23.527Mr. Wild, Peter A.Vodafone GmbH5GS Restoration Procedures
TR 23.715Mr. Drevon, NicolasNokia Corporationon Restricted Local Operator Services
TR 23.756Mr. Ren, ChiChina Unicomon Single Radio Voice Continuity from 5G to 3G
TR 23.795Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on Application Layer support for V2X Services
TR 23.792Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on MBMS APIs for Mission Critical Services
TS 23.283Mr. Wells, DerekL3Harris TechnologiesMC Communication IW with LMR Systems
TS 23.222Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UKCAPIF for 3GPP Northbound APIs
TS 23.501Ms. Chandramouli, DevakiNokia Germany5G System Architecture
TS 23.502Mr. Hedman, PeterEricsson LMProcedures for the 5G System
TS 23.503Mr. Schramm, MirkoHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.PCC Framework for the 5G System
TR 23.722Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UKon CAPIF: Common API Framework
TR 23.790Mr. Oettl, MartinNokia Germanyon Application Architecture for FRMCS
TR 23.729Mr. Zisimopoulos, HarisQualcomm UK Ltdon Unlicensed Spectrum Offloading
TR 23.733Dr. Tonesi, Dario SerafinoHuawei Tech.(UK) Co., Ltdon ProSe UE-to-Network Relay
TR 23.759Mr. Wu, XiaoboHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltdon enhanced VoLTE Performance
TR 23.751Mr. Drevon, NicolasNokia Corporationon Support of Voice over WLAN
TR 23.781Mr. Chater-Lea, DavidMotorola Solutions UK Ltd.on Migration/Interconnection for MCS
TR 23.782Mr. Monnes, PeterL3Harris Technologieson LTE/non-LTE systems MC Communication IW
TR 23.798Mr. Mouquet, AntoineOrangeon enhancements to Isolated E-UTRAN Operation
TS 23.280Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.MCS Functional Architecture
TS 23.281Mr. Amogh, NiranthHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.MCVideo Functional Architecture
TS 23.282Mr. Pattan, Basavaraj (Basu)Samsung R&D Institute UKMCData Functional Architecture
TS 23.379Mr. Lazara, DominicMotorola Solutions UK Ltd.MCPTT Functional architecture
TR 23.702Mr. Cailliere, DavidOrangeon 3GPP PS Data Off
TR 23.730Mr. Jain, PuneetIntel Corporation (UK) Ltdon Cellular Internet of Things
TR 23.780Mr. Trank, MagnusEricsson LMon MBMS usage for MC Communication Services
TR 23.799Dr. Sun, TaoChina Mobile US Research Centreon Architecture for Next Generation System
TS 23.214Mr. Schramm, MirkoHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.Architecture enhancements for CUPS
TS 23.285Dr. Kim, LaeyoungLG Electronics FranceV2X Services: Architecture enhancements
TR 23.711Mr. Gustafsson, RolandEricsson LMon Dedicated Core Networks Selection mechanism
TR 23.719Mr. Joul, ChristopherT-Mobile USA Inc.on Service Domain Centralization
TR 23.746Mr. Griot, MiguelQualcomm UK Ltdon eMBMS for Television Video Service
TR 23.785Dr. Kim, LaeyoungLG Electronics Franceon LTE support of V2X Services
TR 23.710Mr. Xu, YangChina Unicomon Awareness of User Location Change
TR 23.714Mr. Schramm, MirkoHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on Control and User Plane Separation of EPC nodes
TR 23.721Mr. Xu, YangChina Unicomon Sponsored Data Connectivity
TR 23.749Mr. Abe, MotohiroNTT DOCOMO INC.on S8 Home Routing for VoLTE
TR 23.750Mr. Wu, XiaoboHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltdon Call Setup for VoLTE Subscriber in LTE
TR 23.773Dr. Won, Sung HwanNokia Koreaon Network Capability Exposure Functions