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TS 23.218CT1
IP Multimedia (IM) Session Handling –
IM Call Model

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Leis, PeterNokia Networks

This TS specifies the IP Multimedia (IM) Call Model for handling of an IP multimedia session origination and termination for an IP Multimedia subscriber.
This TS includes interactions between an Application Server and IP multimedia sessions.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Architecture and information flows for IM multimedia sessionWord-p. 11
5  Functional requirements of network entitiesWord-p. 12
6  Functional requirements of serving CSCF and Transit FunctionWord-p. 20
6.1  Modes of operation of the S-CSCF and Transit Function
6.2  Interfaces defined for S-CSCF and Transit FunctionWord-p. 22
6.3  S-CSCF handling of SIP registration
6.4  S-CSCF handling of UE-originating requestsWord-p. 23
6.5  S-CSCF handling of UE-terminating requestsWord-p. 25
6.5A  Transit Function handling of requests [R11]Word-p. 27
6.6  S-CSCF and Transit Function handling of IP multimedia session release requestsWord-p. 28
6.7  S-CSCF handling of subscription and notificationWord-p. 29
6.8  S-CSCF handling IMS charging
6.8A  Transit Function handling IMS charging [R11]Word-p. 30
6.9  S-CSCF description of subscriber dataWord-p. 31
7  Functional requirements of HSS
8  Functional requirements of the MRFC
9  Generic IP multimedia session handling for SIP Application ServersWord-p. 37
9.1  Architecture
9.2  Interfaces defined for a SIP Application Server
9.3  Description of Application Server related subscriber data
9.4  Procedures for multimedia session handling with a SIP based Application Server
10  IP multimedia session handling with IM-SSF Application Server
11  IP multimedia session handling with an OSA-Service Capability Server
12  IP multimedia session handling with an Charging Server
13  Media resource broker (MRB) [R8]Word-p. 46
A  Scalability and deployment considerations for IP multimedia service provisionWord-p. 49
B  Information flows for example servicesWord-p. 51
C  Example for Initial filter criteria triggeringWord-p. 69
D  Change historyWord-p. 71

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