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TR 23.895
Provision of UE specific behaviour information to network entities

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V6.2.0 (Wzip)  2003/06  21 p.
Mr. Pudney, Chris

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1  Scopep. 6

This TR studies different possible mechanisms to provide the 3GPP network entities with UE Specific Behavior Information (UESBI). UESBI is used by correcting mechanisms to overcome some of the issues that will be recognized by 3GPP in TR 25.994 [] and other such documents. The description of these correcting mechanisms is out of the scope of this TR.
A comparison of the pros and cons of the different architectures is included, however, the TR is not expected to make a decisive conclusion. Instead, the TSG plenary meetings are expected to use this TR to recommend how to proceed with further work.

2  Referencesp. 6

3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsp. 6

4  Network Entities that could use UE Specific Behaviour Informationp. 7

5  Architecturesp. 9

5.1  Architecture 1: full IMEISV distributionp. 9

5.2  Architecture 2: Iu interface carries Bit Map of UE Faults derived from the IMEISV sent to the CNp. 14

5.3  Architecture 3: UESBI sent from UE to RANp. 16

6  Initial Comparison of the Different Proposed Architecturesp. 18

$  Change Historyp. 21

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