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TS 23.292SA2
ICS – IMS Centralized Services

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WI Acronym:  ICSRA
Rapporteur:  Mr. Bennett, AndyCisco Systems Belgium

This document specifies the architectural requirements for delivery of consistent services to the user regardless of the attached access type (e.g. CS domain access, or IP-CAN). This is achieved by implementing the services in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).
3GPP 23.292 - IMS Service Centralization and Continuity Reference Architecture

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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  High level principles and requirements
5  Architecture model and reference points
6  Functional descriptionWord-p. 20
7  Procedures and flows
7.0  General [R9]
7.1  Signalling and bearer pathsUp
7.2  Registration
7.3  Originations
7.4  Terminations
7.5  Service continuityWord-p. 57
7.5a  Addition of Gm service control to existing call [R9]
7.6  Consistency of Supplementary ServicesWord-p. 59
7.6.0  General [R10]
7.6.1  Supplementary Services for ICS UEUp
7.6.2  Supplementary service invocation using the MSC Server enhanced for ICS
7.6.3  Service consistency for non ICS UE when attached to an MSC Server not enhanced with ICSWord-p. 92
7.7  Session ReleaseWord-p. 96
7.8  Loss of Gm capability [R9]Word-p. 102
7.9  Addition/Removal of video media flow [R9]Word-p. 103
8  ChargingWord-p. 111
9  Security Considerations
A  Service ConsistencyWord-p. 113
B  ICS functions in different deployment scenariosWord-p. 114
C  Communication Deflection support when call has been delivered using CS call controlWord-p. 116
D  Conditional Call Forwarding support when call has been delivered using CS call controlWord-p. 117
E  Using MRF for media processWord-p. 118
F  Call diversion from CS to IMS [R10]Word-p. 119
G (Normative)  Combined CS Access Authentication and IMS Registration Procedure for non-roaming UEs [R14]Word-p. 122
H  Service Domain Centralization in IMS (SeDoC) [R14]Word-p. 125
H.1  High level description and principles
H.2  Architecture model and reference points
H.4  Procedures and flows for non roaming users
H.5  Interworking with networks not supporting IMS and/or ICSWord-p. 130
I  Change historyWord-p. 137

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