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draft-TR 23.794 (SA2)
Study on Enhanced IMS to 5GC Integration

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V0.5.0 (Wzip)  2019/01  83 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Joul, Christopher

The aim of this Technical Report is to study and specify potential enhancements to the IMS architecture to enable IMS FE to integrate with the 5GC network functions to enable IMS applications to directly leverage the features and capabilities of 5GC.

The specific capabilities of 5GC included in this study:
  • In regard to 5GC network slicing; what enhancements (if any) are necessary for IMS to efficiently support devices and networks with multiple slices and different IMS services per slice?
  • Should (and How does) IMS leverage the 5GC's support for localized routing of traffic and placement of IMS elements? How do such optimizations impact IMS media bearers, IMS signalling bearers, and IMS functions? How is service continuity provided in presence of localized routing?
  • Whether and how can IMS applications and network functions utilize the service based capabilities and service based interfaces of the 5GC (for interactions between the IMS and the 5GC)? Which 5GC functions should be interfaced with IMS using service based interfaces?