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TS 23.228SA2
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Towle, ThomasQualcomm Incorporated

This document defines the stage-2 service description for the IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS), which includes the elements necessary to support IP Multimedia (IM) services.
Click here to see the IMS architecture evolution, up to Rel‑9
3GPP 23.228 - IMS Architecture

essential Table of Contents for  TS 23.228  Word version:   16.4.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 17
2  ReferencesWord-p. 17
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 21
4  IP multimedia subsystem conceptsWord-p. 25
5  IP multimedia subsystem proceduresWord-p. 68
5.0  GeneralUpWord-p. 68
5.0a  Session-unrelated procedures [R6]Word-p. 69
5.1  CSCF related proceduresWord-p. 69
5.2  Application level registration proceduresWord-p. 72
5.3  Application level de-registration proceduresWord-p. 80
5.4  Procedures for IP multi-media sessionsWord-p. 85
5.4a  Overview of session flow procedures [R6]UpWord-p. 101
5.5  Serving-CSCF/MGCF to serving-CSCF/MGCF proceduresWord-p. 106
5.6  Origination proceduresWord-p. 115
5.7  Termination proceduresWord-p. 127
5.7a  Procedures for the establishment of sessions without preconditions [R6]Word-p. 139
5.8  Procedures related to routing information interrogationWord-p. 143
5.9  Routing of mid-session signallingWord-p. 146
5.10  Session release proceduresWord-p. 147
5.11  Procedures to enable enhanced multimedia servicesWord-p. 153
5.12  Mobile Terminating call procedures to unregistered Public User IdentitiesWord-p. 185
5.13  IMS Emergency SessionsWord-p. 187
5.14  Interactions involving the MRFC/MRFPWord-p. 187
5.15  Mobile Terminating session procedure for unknown userWord-p. 189
5.16  IMS messaging concepts and procedures [R6]Word-p. 190
5.17  Refreshing sessions [R6]Word-p. 200
5.19  Support for Transit scenarios in IMS [R7]Word-p. 201
5.20  Procedures for Assigning, Using, and Processing GRUUs [R7]Word-p. 204
5.21  IMS Multimedia Priority Services Procedures [R10]Word-p. 206
5.22  Support of Overload Control [R11]Word-p. 207
A  Information flow templateWord-p. 209
E (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using GPRS and/or EPS to access IMS [R6]Word-p. 214
F  Routing subsequent requests through the S-CSCF [R6]Word-p. 227
G (Normative)  Reference Architecture and procedures when the NAT is invoked between the UE and the IMS domain [R7]Word-p. 228
H  Example HSS deployment [R7]Word-p. 243
I (Normative)  Border Control Functions [R7]Word-p. 244
J  Dynamic User Allocation to the Application Servers [R7]Word-p. 254
K (Normative)  Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface between two IM CN subsystem networks [R8]Word-p. 257
L (Normative)  Aspects for use of Common IMS in 3GPP2 systems [R8]Word-p. 258
M  IMS Local Breakout [R8]Word-p. 261
N (Normative)  Aspects for use of Common IMS in Fixed xDSL, Fiber and Ethernet based systems [R8]Word-p. 269
P  Transcoding Support involving the MRFC/MRFP [R8]Word-p. 273
Q (Normative)  Optimal media routing [R10]Word-p. 278
R  Distribution of Network Provided Location Information within IMS [R11]Word-p. 293
S (Normative)  Business Trunking [R12]Word-p. 299
T (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using Trusted WLAN (TWAN) to access IMS [R12]Word-p. 305
U (Normative)  WebRTC access to IMS - network-based architecture [R12]Word-p. 306
V (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using Untrusted WLAN to access IMS [R13]Word-p. 318
W (Normative)  Support of IMS Services for roaming users in deployments without IMS-level roaming interfaces [R14]Word-p. 319
X (Normative)  IMS 3GPP PS Data Off Service Accessibility [R14]Word-p. 320
Y (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using 5GS to access IMS [R15]Word-p. 323
Z (Normative)  Support of IMS-based Restricted Local Operator Services (RLOS) [R16]Word-p. 331
AA (Normative)  Support of SBA in IMS [R16]Word-p. 337
AB  Change historyWord-p. 347

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