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TS 23.228SA2
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

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3GPP 23.228 - IMS Architecture

Rapporteur:  Mr. Towle, Thomas

This document defines the stage-2 service description for the IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS), which includes the elements necessary to support IP Multimedia (IM) services.

short Table of Contents for  TS 23.228  Word version:   16.3.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 17
2  ReferencesWord-p. 17
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 21
4  IP multimedia subsystem conceptsWord-p. 25
5  IP multimedia subsystem proceduresWord-p. 68
5.0  GeneralUpWord-p. 68
5.0a  Session-unrelated procedures [R6]Word-p. 69
5.1  CSCF related proceduresWord-p. 69
5.2  Application level registration proceduresWord-p. 72
5.3  Application level de-registration proceduresWord-p. 80
5.4  Procedures for IP multi-media sessionsWord-p. 85
5.4a  Overview of session flow procedures [R6]UpWord-p. 101
5.5  Serving CSCF/MGCF to serving CSCF/MGCF proceduresWord-p. 106
5.6  Origination proceduresWord-p. 115
5.7  Termination proceduresWord-p. 127
5.7a  Procedures for the establishment of sessions without preconditions [R6]Word-p. 139
5.8  Procedures related to routing information interrogationWord-p. 143
5.9  Routing of mid-session signallingWord-p. 146
5.10  Session release proceduresWord-p. 147
5.11  Procedures to enable enhanced multimedia servicesWord-p. 153
5.12  Mobile Terminating call procedures to unregistered Public User IdentitiesWord-p. 185
5.13  IMS Emergency SessionsWord-p. 187
5.14  Interactions involving the MRFC/MRFPWord-p. 187
5.15  Mobile Terminating session procedure for unknown userWord-p. 189
5.16  IMS messaging concepts and procedures [R6]Word-p. 190
5.17  Refreshing sessions [R6]Word-p. 200
5.19  Support for Transit scenarios in IMS [R7]Word-p. 201
5.20  Procedures for Assigning, Using, and Processing GRUUs [R7]Word-p. 204
5.21  IMS Multimedia Priority Services Procedures [R10]Word-p. 206
5.22  Support of Overload Control [R11]Word-p. 207
A  Information flow templateWord-p. 209
E (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using GPRS and/or EPS to access IMS [R6]Word-p. 214
F  Routing subsequent requests through the S CSCF [R6]Word-p. 227
G (Normative)  Reference Architecture and procedures when the NAT is invoked between the UE and the IMS domain [R7]Word-p. 228
H  Example HSS deployment [R7]Word-p. 243
I (Normative)  Border Control Functions [R7]Word-p. 244
J  Dynamic User Allocation to the Application Servers [R7]Word-p. 254
K (Normative)  Inter-IMS Network to Network Interface between two IM CN subsystem networks [R8]Word-p. 257
L (Normative)  Aspects for use of Common IMS in 3GPP2 systems [R8]Word-p. 258
M  IMS Local Breakout [R8]Word-p. 261
N (Normative)  Aspects for use of Common IMS in Fixed xDSL, Fiber and Ethernet based systems [R8]Word-p. 269
P  Transcoding Support involving the MRFC/MRFP [R8]Word-p. 273
Q (Normative)  Optimal media routing [R10]Word-p. 278
R  Distribution of Network Provided Location Information within IMS [R11]Word-p. 293
S (Normative)  Business Trunking [R12]Word-p. 299
T (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using Trusted WLAN (TWAN) to access IMS [R12]Word-p. 305
U (Normative)  WebRTC access to IMS - network-based architecture [R12]Word-p. 306
V (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using Untrusted WLAN to access IMS [R13]Word-p. 318
W (Normative)  Support of IMS Services for roaming users in deployments without IMS-level roaming interfaces [R14]Word-p. 319
X (Normative)  IMS 3GPP PS Data Off Service Accessibility [R14]Word-p. 320
Y (Normative)  IP-Connectivity Access Network specific concepts when using 5GS to access IMS [R15]Word-p. 323
Z (Normative)  Support of IMS-based Restricted Local Operator Services (RLOS) [R16]Word-p. 331
AA (Normative)  Support of SBA in IMS [R16]Word-p. 337
AB  Change historyWord-p. 347

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