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TR 33.890
Study on Security support for Next Generation Real Time Communication services

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Mr. Li, Fei

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1  Scopep. 6

The present document studies security aspects for any potential enhancements based on the ongoing study in TR 23.700-87. For each of the key issues in the scope of the SA WG2 study, the security aspects that are to be covered in this study are as follows:
  • Analysing the potential security aspects on how to verify and authorize the 3rd party specific identity information during a call both on originating and terminating sides.
  • Analysing potential security impacts from supporting service-based architecture in IMS media control interfaces.
  • Analysing potential security aspects to support Data Channel usage in IMS network.

2  Referencesp. 6

3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviationsp. 6

3.1  Termsp. 6

3.2  Symbolsp. 7

3.3  Abbreviationsp. 7

4  Assumptionsp. 7

5  Key issuesp. 7

6  Proposed solutionsp. 9

6.0  Mapping of solutions to key issuesp. 9

6.1  Solution #1: How the Originating IMS network signs the 3rd party IDs and terminating IMS network verifies the 3rd party IDsp. 9

6.2  Solution #2: SHAKEN based third-party specific user identitiesp. 14

6.3  Solution #3: Service based interface protection in media control planep. 16

6.4  Solution #4: End-to-access-edge security for IMS data channelsp. 16

6.5  Solution #5: How to avoid e2ae limitation and achieve e2e security for IMS Data Channelp. 17

7  Conclusionsp. 19

$  Change historyp. 20

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