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TR 33.828SA3
IMS Media Plane Security

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Howard, Peter

ThiS TR studies use cases, requirements and candidate solutions for protecting the IMS media plane against eavesdropping and undetected modification.
Currently IMS media protection relies on security provided at the lower layers. With Common IMS, it has become possible to use IMS over a wide variety of access networks which provide varying levels of security and in some cases no security at all.
It is therefore desirable to study solutions for securing the IMS media plane in a uniform manner across all access networks. Furthermore, media transport in the core network, although generally less vulnerable than in the access network, may also be realised in varying ways with different levels of security. Therefore, the present document also studies solutions for end-to-end protection of IMS media.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Use cases
5  RequirementsWord-p. 14
6  General aspects of solutionsWord-p. 17
7  Candidate solutionsWord-p. 24
7.1  Ticket-Based System (TBS)
7.1.1  Introduction
7.1.2  AnalysisWord-p. 25
7.1.3  Solution descriptionWord-p. 26
7.1.4  System detailsWord-p. 27
7.1.5  Evaluation of solution against requirements.Word-p. 35
7.2  Using IMS AKA keys for media protection over the access network
7.3  Security Descriptions (SDES)
7.4  Otway-Rees based key management protocolWord-p. 52
7.5  DTLS-SRTPWord-p. 65
7.6  MIKEY-IBAKE Solution
8  Conclusions
A  Identity Based EncryptionWord-p. 80
B  Change historyWord-p. 81

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