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TS 33.108SA3
3G Security –
Handover Interface for Lawful Interception

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Rao, Nagaraja

This document addresses the handover interfaces for lawful interception of PacketData Services, Circuit Switched Services, Multimedia Services within the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) and Evolved Packet System (EPS). The specification defines the handover interfaces for delivery of lawful interception Intercept Related Information (IRI) and Content of Communication (CC) to the Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility.
Laws of individual nations and regional institutions (e.g. European Union), and sometimes licensing and operating conditions define a need to intercept telecommunications traffic and related information in modern telecommunications systems. It has to be noted that lawful interception shall always be done in accordance with the applicable national or regional laws and technical regulations. Nothing in this specification, including the definitions, is intended to supplant national law.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 14
2  ReferencesWord-p. 14
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 18
4  GeneralWord-p. 22
5  Circuit-switch domainUpWord-p. 27
6  Packet data domainWord-p. 53
7  Multi-media domainWord-p. 75
8  3GPP WLAN Interworking [R7]Word-p. 87
9  Interception of Multimedia Broadcast/MultiCast Service (MBMS) [R8]Word-p. 100
10  Evolved Packet System (EPS) [R8]Word-p. 107
11  3GPP IMS Conference Services [R8]Word-p. 140
12  3GPP IMS-based VoIP Services [R12]Word-p. 151
13  Interception of Proximity Services (ProSe) [R12]Word-p. 155
14  Invocation of Lawful Interception (LI) for Group Communications System Enablers (GCSE) [R12]Word-p. 166
15  Interception of Messaging Services [R13]Word-p. 176
16  Cell Site Reporting [R15]Word-p. 195
17  Interception of PTC [R15]Word-p. 197
18  PTC Encryption [R15]Word-p. 226
A (Normative)  HI2 delivery mechanisms and proceduresWord-p. 228
B (Normative)  Structure of data at the handover interfaceWord-p. 234
C (Normative)  UMTS and EPS HI3 interfacesWord-p. 307
D  LEMF requirements - handling of unrecognised fields and parametersWord-p. 320
E  BibliographyWord-p. 321
F  Correlation indications of IMS IRI with GSN CC at the LEMF [R7]Word-p. 323
G  United States lawful interceptionWord-p. 324
H (Normative)  United States lawful interceptionWord-p. 329
J (Normative)  Definition of the UUS1 content associated and sub-addressing to the CC link [R6]Word-p. 332
K (Normative)  VoIP HI3 Interface [R12]Word-p. 339
L (Normative)  Conference HI3 Interface [R12]Word-p. 340
M  Generic LI notification (HI1 notification using HI2 method) [R12]Word-p. 342
N  Guidelines on IMS VoIP Correlation Information [R13]Word-p. 346
O  Selection of ASN.1 HI2 sub-domain for LALS Reporting [R13]Word-p. 353
P  Change historyWord-p. 355

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