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TS 33.107SA3
3G Security –
Lawful Interception Architecture and Functions

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Jaspers, Koen

This TS describes the architecture and functional requirements within a Third Generation Mobile Communication System (3GMS) and the Evolved Packet System (EPS).
This document describes in general the architecture and functions for lawful interception. Laws of individual nations and regional institutions (e.g. European Union), and sometimes licensing and operating conditions define a need to intercept telecommunications traffic and related information in modern telecommunications systems. It has to be noted that lawful interception shall always be done in accordance with the applicable national or regional laws and technical regulations.
The specification shows the service requirements from a Law Enforcement point of view only. The aim of this document is to define a 3GMS and EPS interception system that supports a number of regional interception regulations, but these regulations are not repeated here as they vary. Regional interception requirements shall be met in using specific (regional) mediation functions allowing only required information to be transported.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 18
2  ReferencesWord-p. 18
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations.Word-p. 21
4  Functional architectureWord-p. 24
5  Activation, deactivation and interrogationWord-p. 32
5A  X Interfaces [R15]Word-p. 40
6  Invocation of Lawful Interception (LI) for Circuit Switched (CS) servicesWord-p. 41
7  Invocation of Lawful Interception for GSN Packet Data servicesWord-p. 54
7A  Invocation of Lawful Interception for Packet Data Multi-media Service [R5]Word-p. 69
8  SecurityWord-p. 82
9  Invocation of Lawful Interception (LI) for 3GPP WLAN interworking services [R6]Word-p. 83
10  Interception of Multimedia Broadcast/MultiCast Service (MBMS) [R7]Word-p. 98
11  IMS Conference Services [R8]Word-p. 103
12  Lawful Interception for Evolved Packet System [R8]Word-p. 113
13  Lawful Interception for 3GPP H(e)NBs [R12]Word-p. 169
14  Interception of Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) Secured Communications [R12]Word-p. 176
15  Invocation of Lawful Interception for IMS-based VoIP [R12]Word-p. 179
16  LI for Group Communications using GCSE [R12]Word-p. 185
17  Interception for Proximity Services [R12]Word-p. 192
18  Invocation of Lawful Interception for messaging services [R13]Word-p. 204
19  Lawful Access Location Services (LALS) [R13]Word-p. 223
20  Lawful interception in the VPLMN with S8HR Roaming Architecture [R14]Word-p. 228
21  Invocation of Lawful Interception for Push to talk over Cellular services. [R14]Word-p. 238
22  Cell Supplemental Information Reporting [R15]Word-p. 260
23  Lawful Interception for Non-IP Data Delivery (NIDD) using SCEF [R15]Word-p. 262
A  Information flows for Lawful Interception invocation of circuit switched servicesWord-p. 283
B  Information flows for Lawful Interception invocation of GSN Packet Data servicesWord-p. 300
C  Information flows for the invocation of Lawful Interception for Packet Data with multimedia [R5]Word-p. 307
D  Information flows for Lawful Interception invocation at the MGW using H.248 [R5]Word-p. 311
E  IMS-based VoIP Lawful Interception call scenarios [R12]Word-p. 313
F  Examples of IMS-based VoIP Lawful Interception (LI) call flows [R12]Word-p. 334
G  Examples of CC interception for transcoded media [R12]Word-p. 357
H  Location only warrant [R13]Word-p. 362
I  Interception of Targets with Non-Local IDs [R13]Word-p. 363
J  Lawful Interception Illustrations in VPLMN with S8HR [R14]Word-p. 368
L  IP-based Handover Interface for CC of CS Intercepts [R13]Word-p. 379
M (Normative)  Virtualised Implementations [R15]Word-p. 381
N  Change historyWord-p. 382

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