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TS 33.220SA3
GBA:  Generic Bootstrapping Architecture

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Rapporteur:  Miss Jerichow, Anja

ThiS TS describes the security features and mechanisms to bootstrap authentication and key agreement for application security. Candidate applications to use this bootstrapping mechanism include but are not restricted to subscriber certificate distribution TS 33.221. Subscriber certificates support services whose provision mobile operator assists, as well as services that mobile operator provides.
3GPP 33.220 - GBA Reference Model
The scope of this specification includes generic bootstrapping functions, an architecture overview and the detailed procedure how to bootstrap the credential.

full Table of Contents for  TS 33.220  Word version:   16.0.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions, abbreviations symbols and conventionsWord-p. 10
4  Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
4.1  Reference model
4.2  Network elementsWord-p. 14
4.3  Bootstrapping architecture and reference points
4.4  Requirements and principles for bootstrapping
4.5  Procedures
5  UICC-based enhancements to Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA_U)Word-p. 31
B (Normative)  Specification of the key derivation function KDFWord-p. 38
D  Dialog example for user selection of UICC application used in GBAWord-p. 44
E (Normative)  TLS profile for securing Zn/Zn' reference pointsWord-p. 45
F  Handling of TLS certificatesWord-p. 46
G (Normative)  GBA_U UICC-ME interfaceWord-p. 47
H (Normative)  Ua security protocol identifierWord-p. 49
I (Normative)  2G GBA [R7]Word-p. 51
I.0  Introduction [R11]
I.1  Reference model
I.2  Network elementsUp
I.3  Bootstrapping architecture and reference points
I.4  Requirements and principles for bootstrapping
I.5  Procedures
I.6  TLS Profile
J  Usage of USS with local policy enforcement in BSF [R7]Word-p. 65
K  Interoperator GBA-usage examples [R7]Word-p. 68
L  Information on how security threats related to known GSM vulnerabilities are addressed by the 2G GBA solution [R7]Word-p. 73
M (Normative)  GBA_Digest [R11]
N  Change historyWord-p. 90

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