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TS 33.401 (SA3)
System Architecture Evolution (SAE) –
Security Architecture

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V15.8.0 (PDF)2019/06  166 p.
V14.6.0  2018/09  155 p.
V13.5.0  2016/12  152 p.
V12.16.0  2015/12  134 p.
V11.9.0  2015/12  123 p.
V10.7.0  2015/12  118 p.
V9.9.0  2015/12  107 p.
V8.8.0  2011/06  101 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Prasad, Anand
See also:

This TS specifies the security architecture, i.e., the security features and the security mechanisms for the EPS and the EPC, and the security procedures performed within the EPS including the EPC and the E‑UTRAN.

short Table of Contents for  TS 33.401  Word version:   15.8.0

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1  Scope [R8]Word-p. 11
2  References [R8]Word-p. 11
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R8]Word-p. 13
4  Overview of Security Architecture [R8]Word-p. 17
5  Security Features [R8]Word-p. 17
6  Security Procedures between UE and EPC Network Elements [R8]Word-p. 22
7  Security procedures between UE and EPS access network elements [R8]Word-p. 32
8  Security mechanisms for non-access stratum signalling and data via MME [R8]Word-p. 53
9  Security interworking between E-UTRAN and UTRAN [R8]Word-p. 55
10  Security interworking between E-UTRAN and GERAN [R8]Word-p. 64
11  Network Domain Control Plane protection [R8]Word-p. 66
12  Backhaul link user plane protection [R8]Word-p. 66
13  Management plane protection over the S1 interface [R8]Word-p. 67
14  SRVCC between E-UTRAN and Circuit Switched UTRAN/GERAN [R8]Word-p. 68
15  Security Aspects of IMS Emergency Session Handling [R9]Word-p. 72
A (Normative)  Key derivation functions [R8]Word-p. 77
B (Normative)  Algorithms for ciphering and integrity protection [R8]Word-p. 83
C  Algorithm test data [R8]Word-p. 87
D (Normative)  Security for Relay Node Architectures [R10]Word-p. 121
E (Normative)  Dual connectivity [R13]Word-p. 130
F  Isolated E-UTRAN Operation for Public Safety [R13]Word-p. 142
G (Normative)  LTE - WLAN aggregation [R13]Word-p. 145
H (Normative)  LTE-WLAN RAN level integration using IPsec tunnelling [R13]Word-p. 152
I (Normative)  Hash functions [R14]Word-p. 157
J  Change historyWord-p. 158

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