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draft-TR 33.861 (SA3)
Study on evolution of CIoT security for the 5G System

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V0.3.0 (Wzip)  2018/11  24 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Ben Henda, Noamen
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The scope of this study is the following:
  • Capture massive MTC related 5G requirements in other 3GPP documents and further analyse them from security point of view.
  • Study security for supporting EPS CIoT/MTC functionalities in 5GS, e.g.
    • security for infrequent and frequent small data transmission
    • security for inter-RAT mobility to/from NB-IoT or modifications in the EPC-5GC interworking security specific to CIoT.
  • Study security enhancements based on the architectural study in TR 23.724, e.g.
    • security for transport of user plane over 5G NAS or
    • termination of user plane security in 5GC.
  • Study the security aspects of the architectural enhancements addressing the 5G service requirements in TS 22.261 and TR 38.913.
  • Study the need for additional mechanisms to improve protection of the network from maliciously behaving IoT devices.