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TS 29.500CT4
5GS — Technical Realization
of Service Based Architecture

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WI Acronym:  5GS_Ph1-CT
Rapporteur:  Miss Qi, Caixia

The present document specifies the technical realization of the 5GC Service Based Architecture, the protocols supported over the Service Based Interfaces, and the functionalities supported in the Service Based Architecture.
5GS Service-Based Interface
The Service Based Architecture is a system architecture in which the system functionality is achieved by a set of NFs providing services to other authorized NFs to access their services. Control Plane (CP) Network Functions in the 5G System architecture shall be based on the service based architecture.
A NF service is one type of capability exposed by a NF (NF Service Producer) to other authorized NF (NF Service Consumer) through a service based interface. A NF service may support one or more NF service operation(s).

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Service Based Architecture OverviewWord-p. 9
5  Protocols Over Service Based InterfacesWord-p. 10
6  General Functionalities in Service Based Architecture
6.1  Routing Mechanisms
6.2  Server-Initiated Communication
6.3  Load ControlUp
6.4  Overload Control
6.5  Support of Stateless NFs
6.6  Extensibility MechanismsWord-p. 32
6.7  Security Mechanisms
6.8  SBI Message Priority MechanismWord-p. 36
6.9  Discovering the communication options supported by a target resourceWord-p. 39
6.10  Support of Indirect Communication [R16]
6.11  Detection and handling of late arriving requests [R16]
6.12  Binding between an NF Service Consumer and an NF Service Resource [R16]Word-p. 45
A  Client-side Adaptive Throttling for Overload Control
B (Normative)  3gpp-Sbi-Callback TypesWord-p. 47
C  Internal NF Routing of HTTP Requests [R16]Word-p. 48
D  Change history

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