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TS 38.300 (RAN2)
5G New Radio —
NR and NG-RAN Overall Description – Stage 2

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V15.7.0 (PDF)2019/09  102 p.

3GPP 38.300 - NG-RAN Overall Architecture

Rapporteur:  Mr. SEBIRE, Benoist
See also:
TS 25.300   for UTRAN
TS 36.300   for E-UTRAN

The present document provides an overview and overall description of the NG-RAN and focuses on the radio interface protocol architecture of NR connected to 5GC (E-UTRA connected to 5GC is covered in the 36 series). Details of the radio interface protocols are specified in companion specifications of the 38 series.
An NG-RAN node is either:
  • a gNB, providing NR user plane and control plane protocol terminations towards the UE; or
  • an ng-eNB, providing E-UTRA user plane and control plane protocol terminations towards the UE.
The gNBs and ng-eNBs are interconnected with each other by means of the Xn interface. The gNBs and ng-eNBs are also connected by means of the NG interfaces to the 5GC, more specifically to the AMF (Access and Mobility Management Function) by means of the NG-C interface and to the UPF (User Plane Function) by means of the NG-U interface.

full Table of Contents for  TS 38.300  Word version:   15.7.0


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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Abbreviations and DefinitionsWord-p. 9
4  Overall Architecture and Functional Split
5  Physical LayerUp
6  Layer 2Word-p. 25
7  RRCWord-p. 33
8  NG IdentitiesWord-p. 38
9  Mobility and State TransitionsWord-p. 39
9.1  Overview
9.2  Intra-NR
9.3  Inter RATWord-p. 60
9.4  Roaming and Access Restrictions
10  SchedulingWord-p. 63
11  UE Power Saving
12  QoSWord-p. 67
13  SecurityUp
14  UE Capabilities
15  Self-Configuration and Self-Optimisation
16  Verticals SupportWord-p. 78
A  QoS Handling in RANWord-p. 87
B  Deployment ScenariosWord-p. 92
C  I-RNTI Reference ProfilesWord-p. 94
D  SPID ranges and mapping of SPID values to cell reselection and inter-RAT/inter frequency handover prioritiesWord-p. 95
E  NG-RAN Architecture for Radio Access Network Sharing with multiple cell ID broadcast (informative)Word-p. 96
F  Change history

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