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TR 32.847
Study on Charging aspects for Network Slicing Phase 2

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Mr. Görmer, Gerald
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1  Scopep. 11

The present document continues the study on charging aspects of network slicing covered by TR 32.845 but no longer limited to charging data collection functionalities without quota management as specified for Network Slice management charging in TS 28.202 and for Network slice performance and analytics charging in TS 28.201.
The following is studied:
  • Network slice converged charging for Network Slices enabled over 3GPP 5GS;
  • Correlation aspects between Network Slice charging and the end user charging accessing the Network Slice;
  • Inter-Provider (B2B) charging aspects by considering the different Organizations (e.g. MNO, Verticals).
The Converged Charging service aspects associated to the TR 23.700-40 conclusion on network slice information is also considered.

2  Referencesp. 11

3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviationsp. 12

3.1  Termsp. 12

3.2  Symbolsp. 12

3.3  Abbreviationsp. 12

4  General backgroundp. 13

5  Potential charging requirementsp. 15

6  Key Issuesp. 16

6.1  Key Issue #1: Converged Charging for simultaneous number of UEs/max. number of UEs per network slicep. 16

6.2  Key Issue #2: Converged Charging for simultaneous number of PDU sessions/max. number of PDU sessions per network slicep. 32

6.3  Key Issue #3: Volume based Converged Charging per network slicep. 34



6.6  Key Issue #6: UE Converged Charging based on network slice chargingp. 41

6.7  Key Issue #7: Converged Charging for actual duration per network slicep. 55

6.8  Key Issue #8: Converged Charging for NSSAAp. 61

6.9  Key Issue #9: Service based interface between UE CCS and Tenant CCSp. 66

6.10  Key Issue #10: Network slice charging based on the Tenantp. 68

7  Conclusions and recommendationsp. 69

$  Change historyp. 71

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