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TS 32.280SA5
Charging Management –
Advice of Charge (AoC) Service

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Rapporteur:  Mrs. Gardella, Maryse

This TS specifies the AoC framework for relevant events, sessions, and services. The 3GPP umbrella charging architecture and principles are defined in TS 32.240. The AoC framework detailed herein provides for both offline and online charging models. It specifies the following:
  • The AoC architecture.
  • The common principles that govern AoC.
  • The AoC function that enables the IMS AoC framework.
  • Exemplary message flows.
  • AoC interface data description.
All terms, definitions and abbreviations used in this TS, that are common across 3GPP TSs, are defined in the 3GPP Vocabulary, TR 21.905. Those that are common across charging management in 3GPP network, services or subsystems are provided in the umbrella document TS 32.240 and may be copied into clause 3 of this TS for ease of reading. Finally, those items that are specific to this TS are defined exclusively in this TS.
Requirements that govern the AoC work are specified in TS 22.115.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  ReferencesWord-p. 7
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Architecture considerationsWord-p. 10
5  AoC principles and flowsWord-p. 15
6  Definition of AoC InformationWord-p. 30
A  AoC use casesWord-p. 38
B  Message flow for basic IMS session establishment and interaction with online chargingWord-p. 41
C  AoC Information mappingWord-p. 44
D  BibliographyWord-p. 47
E  Change historyWord-p. 49

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