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TS 32.423SA5
Subscriber and Equipment Trace –
Trace Data Definition and Management

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian

The present document describes Trace data definition and management. It covers the trace records content, their format and transfer across UMTS networks, EPS networks or 5GS networks. GSM Trace is outside of the scope of this specification..
The present document also describes the data definition for Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) across UMTS networks or EPS networks.
The objectives of the present document are:
  • To provide the descriptions for a standard set of Trace and MDT data;
  • To define the common format of trace and MDT records; and
  • To define a method for the reporting of Trace and MDT results across the management interfaces.
Clause 4 details the various Trace records content, Annex A provides Trace and MDT report file format, Annex B provides the trace report file conventions and transfer procedure, Annex C provides the trace reporting functional architecture and Annex D provides some trace and MDT files examples. Trace and MDT concepts and requirements are covered in TS 32.421 while Trace control and configuration management are described in TS 32.422.
The definition of Trace and MDT data is intended to result in comparability of Trace and MDT data produced in a multi-vendor wireless UMTS and/or EPS network.
The following is beyond the scope of the present document, and therefore the present document does not describe:
  • Any notification mechanisms or IRPs for trace. Only file transfer mechanism is specified for trace data transfer;
  • Any data compression mechanisms for trace data transfer;
  • Any Trace capability limitations (e.g. maximum number of simultaneous traced mobiles for a given NE).

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1  ScopeWord-p. 6
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 7
4  Trace Record ContentsWord-p. 9
4.1  General
4.2  MSC Server Trace Record Content [R7]Word-p. 10
4.3  MGW Trace Record ContentWord-p. 17
4.4  SGSN Trace Record ContentWord-p. 18
4.5  GGSN Trace Record ContentWord-p. 27
4.6  UTRAN Trace Record ContentWord-p. 30
4.7  S-CSCF Trace Record ContentWord-p. 37
4.8  P-CSCF Trace Record Content
4.9  HSS Trace Record ContentWord-p. 38
4.10  BM-SC Trace Record ContentWord-p. 42
4.11  PGW Trace Record Content [R8]Word-p. 43
4.12  MME Trace Record Content [R8]Word-p. 47
4.13  E-UTRAN Trace Record Content [R8]Word-p. 55
4.14  SGW Trace Record Content [R8]Word-p. 60
4.15  EIR Trace Record Content [R10]Word-p. 64
4.16  LTE MDT Trace Record Content [R11]Word-p. 65
4.17  UMTS MDT Trace Record Content [R11]
4.18  AMF Trace Record Content [R15]
4.19  SMF Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 69
4.20  PCF Trace Record Content [R15]Up
4.21  AUSF Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 70
4.22  NEF Trace Record Content [R15]
4.23  NRF Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 71
4.24  NSSF Trace Record Content [R15]
4.25  UDM Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 72
4.26  UPF Trace Record Content [R15]
4.27  SMSF Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 73
4.28  AF Trace Record Content [R15]
4.30  gNB-CU-CP Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 74
4.31  gNB-CU-UP Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 75
4.32  gNB-DU Trace Record Content [R15]
4.33  ng-eNB Trace Record Content [R15]Word-p. 76
A (Normative)  Trace Report File FormatWord-p. 77
B (Normative)  Trace Report File Conventions and Transfer ProcedureWord-p. 85
C  Trace Functional Architecture: ReportingWord-p. 87
D  Examples of trace filesWord-p. 89
F  Change historyWord-p. 93

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