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TS 32.104
Telecommunication Management –
3G Performance Management

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V3.9.0 (PDF)  2004/09  36 p.
Mr. Hubinette, Ulf

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1  Scopep. 6

The present document describes the requirements for the management of performance measurements and the collection of performance measurement data across a 3G network. It defines the administration of measurement schedules by the Network Element Manager (EM), the generation of measurement results in the Network Elements (NEs) and the transfer of these results to one or more Operations Systems, i.e. EM(s) and/or Network Manager(s) (NM(s)).
The basic Performance Management concept that the present document is built upon is described in clause 4. The requirements how an EM administers the performance measurements and how the results can be collected are defined in detail in clause 5. Annex A specifies the file format for the bulk transfer of performance measurement results to the NM, while Annex B discusses the file transfer procedure utilised on that interface. A set of measurements available for collection by NEs are described in Annex C, effort has been made to ensure consistency in the definition of measurements between different NEs.
The following is beyond the scope of the present document, and therefore the present document does not describe:
  • the formal definition of the interface that the EM uses to administer performance measurements in the NEs;
  • the formal definition of the interface that the EM uses to collect measurement results from the NEs;
  • how the data, once accumulated and collected, could or should be processed, stored, or presented to an end user;
  • the information which may be obtained through the collection and processing of call or event related records which have been produced by the NEs primarily for the purpose of raising bills and other charges.
The management requirements have been derived from existing telecommunications operations experience. The management definitions were then derived from other standardisation work so as to minimise the re-invention factor. References are given as appropriate.
The objectives of this standardisation are:
  • to provide the descriptions for a standard set of measurements;
  • to produce a common description of the management technique for measurement administration and result accumulation; and
  • to define a method for the bulk transmission of measurement results across a management interface.
The definition of the standard measurements is intended to result in comparability of measurement data produced in a multi-vendor 3G network, for those measurement types that can be standardised across all vendors' implementations.
As far as possible, existing standardisation in the area of Performance Management has been re-used and enhanced where particular requirements, peculiar to the mobile telephony environment, have been recognised.
The present document considers all the above aspects of Performance Management for a 3G network and its NEs defined in the 3G core Technical Specifications. However, only those aspects which are specific to a 3G system and particular to 3G-network operation are included in the present document.

2  Referencesp. 7

3  Definitions and Abbreviationsp. 7

4  Performance Measurement (PM) conceptp. 8

5  Performance management requirementsp. 13

A (Normative)  Measurement Report File Formatp. 19

B (Normative)  Measurement Report File Conventions and Transfer Procedurep. 25

C (Normative)  Performance Measurement (PM) requirements summaryp. 28

D  The table oriented file format structurep. 33

$  Change historyp. 36

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