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TS 32.511SA5
Automatic Neighbour Relation (ANR) Management –
Concepts and Requirements

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Petersen, Robert

This TS describes the requirements and architecture for the management of Neighbour cell Relations (NRs) across the Itf-N. The NR management is a key feature of Self Organization Network (SON).
For E-UTRAN, the ANR function in the eNB relates to the Use Cases Establishment of new eNB in network and Optimisation of the neighbourhood list in TR 32.816.
  • For Establishment of new eNB in network. If the operator so chooses, the OAM system adds and configures NCRs before the eNB goes into operation.
  • For Optimisation of the neighbourhood list, the ANR function deals with automatic NCR additions and removals. It minimizes the need for planning and configuring NCRs. If the operator so chooses, the OAM system adds and configures NCRs or removes NCRs after the eNB goes into operation.
For UTRAN, the ANR function concept and overall description is documented in TS 25.484.
  • The ANR function in RNC allows OAM system to manage the NCRT. OAM system can add and delete NCRs and also change the attributes of the NCRs. The OAM system is informed about changes in the NCRT made by ANR function.

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