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TR 32.814 (SA5)
UTRAN and GERAN Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Toche, Christian
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Cellular Networks are becoming more and more complex, with this complexity comes more services, and this in turn leads to a greater number of network parameters that have to be tuned, optimised and made compatible. Cellular Networks are also continuously evolving in terms of capacity and traffic patterns. To keep control of these very dynamic networks, Operators need to keep a constant watch on network performance. Performance measurements are collected by Network Elements throughout the network and 3GPP has defined many (hundreds) of standardized measurements in the TS 52.402 and 32.4xx series specifications.

Typically Network Operators and equipment vendors will aggregate and combines some of the key measurements and use them to compute some Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPIs such as hand-off success rate, call drop-rate, hold time, and congestion are continuously monitored to provide indicators of areas that might require tuning.

To date KPIs have not been standardised across equipment vendors, this makes it difficult for operators with multiple vendors to easily calculate Network wide KPIs.

This TR details a proposal to create Key Performance Indicators for UTRAN and GERAN networks, using performance measurements defined in the 32.4xx series specifications (any exceptions are noted in the KPI definitions).

The KPIs detailed in sections 4 & 5 are an output from the CO-OP initiative (A co-operative effort by eight network equipment providers).

The KPIs detailed in section 6 are an example of an alternative high level KPI definition method that does not rely on standardised counter definitions. A draft KPI template is also described.

The KPI definitions in this Technical Report are intended as input to 3GPP for information and further study in the possible creation of a 3GPP Technical Specification.

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