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TS 32.302SA5
Notification IRP –
Information Service

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Tse, Edwin

The purpose of Notification IRP is to define an interface through which an IRPManager can subscribe to an IRPAgent for receiving notifications. This TS is the "Information Service" of Notification IRP. It defines, for the purpose of subscribing to an IRPAgent for receiving notifications, the information observable and controlled by management system's client and it also specifies the semantics of the interactions used to carry this information. It also defines the information common to all notifications which is called the notificationHeader.
An IRPAgent supporting this IRP IS may emit one or multiple categories of notifications, such as alarms (as specified in Alarm IRP: Information Service) and others. This IRP IS defines a mechanism that IRPManager can use to determine the categories of notifications supported by an IRPAgent. It also defines a mechanism (subscribe and unsubscribe operations) that IRPManager can use to specify the categories of notifications IRPAgent should emit to IRPManager during subscription. It also defines a mechanism (getSubscriptionIds operation) that IRPManager can use to check which categories of notifications it has subscribed to. IRPManager can set and change filter criteria applicable during the life-cycle of a subscription. IRPManager can also exercise flow-control on IRPAgent's emission of notifications (suspendSubscription and resumeSubscription operations).
Using different managerReference, an IRPManager can subscribe several times. It will result in multiple subscriptions. As far as IRPAgent is concerned, notifications are sent to multiple "places".
Using the same managerReference, an IRPManager can subscribe several times specifying different categories of notifications.
This IRP IS does not specify information that is carried in some but not all notifications. That kind of information is specified in other IRP ISs involved. For example, perceivedSeverity is a piece of information specific for notifications carrying alarm information. This information is not defined in this TS but in Alarm IRP: Information Service.
How IRPManager discovers the IRPAgent's address or reference (so that IRPManager can invoke an operation) is outside the scope of this TS.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  System overviewWord-p. 9
5  Information Object Classes
6  Interface DefinitionWord-p. 15
6.1  Class diagram representing interfaces
6.2  Generic rules
6.3  notificationIRPManagement Interface (M)Word-p. 16
6.4  subscriberManagement Interface (O)
6.5  subscriptionStatusOperations Interface (O)Up
6.6  subscriptionFilterOperations Interface (O)
6.7  subscriptionSuspendOperations Interface (O)
6.8  IRPManagementOperations Interface (O)Word-p. 24
6.9  NotificationIRPNotification InterfaceWord-p. 25
A  Change historyWord-p. 27

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