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TR 32.828SA5
Study on Alignment of
3GPP Generic NRM IRP and the
TMF Shared Information/Data (SID) Model

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V10.0.0 (Wzip)  2011/03  85 p.

Rapporteur:  Dr. Pollakowski, Olaf

This TR studies how to allow the two organizations (3GPP and TMF) to evolve their respective NRMs and SID in a manner that they would become aligned to support consistent and integrated management of mobile and fixed networks. This study:
  • identifies the non-aligned, contradicting or overlapping parts between NRMs and SID
  • identifies the non-aligned, contradicting or overlapping parts regarding specification methodology
  • proposes possibilities to align the parts identified above;
  • ensures that the proposal allows usage of the 3GPP Generic NRM IRP independently of SID
  • ensures that the proposal allows usage of mobile specific NRMs to be used as they are
  • drives the alignment process with TMF
  • identifies any required changes in the 3GPP specifications
  • identifies required changes in the TMF specifications to be communicated to the TMF
  • ensures that 3GPP remains full owner of the aligned part of the NRM specifications
  • defines a procedure how aligned specifications can be maintained and updated in a consistent manner
Special emphasis has been given to the borderline between generic and harmonized part and the network technology specific parts of the models. In case new requirements had been identified during the alignment process, they have been taken into account as well.
It is not intended to add the mobile specific parts of the 3GPP Network Resource Models to the TMF SID.
These model aspects are published by 3GPP only. Interface aspects (e. g. the Alarm IRP) are outside of the scope of this Study.

full Table of Contents for  TR 32.828  Word version:   10.0.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  ReferencesWord-p. 9
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 11
4  Comparison of 3GPP and TMF Generic Model DefinitionsWord-p. 13
4.1  Reference Architectures and Specification Overview
4.2  Common/Relevant Generic DefinitionsWord-p. 16
4.3  Common/Relevant Inventory DefinitionsWord-p. 25
4.4  Handling of Vendor-specific ExtensionsWord-p. 39
4.5  Methodology AspectsWord-p. 40
4.6  Use CasesWord-p. 43
4.7  Model Alignment ApproachWord-p. 44
4.8  Solution Set relationship
5  Evaluation of 3GPP and TMF Resource Model Alignment OptionsWord-p. 45
6  Recommendations for 3GPP and TMF Resource Model AlignmentWord-p. 49
6.1  Inventory recommendations
6.2  Solution Set recommendationsWord-p. 57
6.3  Federated Network Model (FNM)Word-p. 59
6.3a  Elements of the FNMUp
6.4  Federated Network Model (FNM) UmbrellaWord-p. 63
A  Name-Containment Class diagram from 3GPP TS 32.622Word-p. 69
B  Containment Diagram from M4 Network View CMIP MIB SpecificationWord-p. 71
C  Needed Inventory NRM IS changesWord-p. 72
C.6  Information Object Classes
C.6.1  Imported information entities and local labelsUp
C.6.2  Class diagram
C.6.3  Information object class definitionsWord-p. 75
C.6.4  Information relationship definitionsUp
C.6.5  Information attribute definitionsWord-p. 81
C.6.6  Particular information configurations
D  Change historyWord-p. 84

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