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TS 32.406 (SA5)
Performance Measurements –
Core Network PS Domain

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Rapporteur:  Ms. Hu, Yaxi

The present document describes the measurements for Core Network (CN) Packet Switched (PS) domain of UMTS or combined UMTS/GSM network.
The measurement names defined in the present document are all beginning with a prefix containing the measurement family name (e.g. MM.AttGprsAttach). This family name identifies all measurements which relate to a given functionality and it may be used for measurement administration (see TS 32.401).
The list of families currently used in the present document is as follows:
  • AAA (measurements related to AAA)
  • CAM (measurements related to CAMEL)
  • DNS (measurements related to DNS)
  • GTP (measurements related to GTP)
  • IMEI (measurements related to IMEI verification)
  • ISYSC (measurements related to GSM/UMTS Intersystem changes)
  • LLC (measurements related to Logical Link Control)
  • MM (measurements related to Mobility Management)
  • RELOC (measurements related to SRNS Relocation)
  • RRC (measurements related to Radio Resource Control)
  • SEC (measurements related to Security)
  • SIG (measurements related to Signalling)
  • SM (measurements related to Session Management)
  • SNDCP (measurements related to Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol)

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