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TS 32.260SA5
IMS Charging

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Rapporteur:  Mrs. Gardella, Maryse

This TS specifies the Offline and Online Charging description for the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), based on the functional descriptions of the IMS in TS 23.228. This charging description includes the offline and online charging architecture and scenarios specific to IMS, as well as the mapping of common 3GPP charging architecture specified in TS 32.240 onto IMS.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  ReferencesWord-p. 9
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 12
4  Architecture considerationsWord-p. 14
5  Charging principlesWord-p. 18
5.1  IMS charging principles
5.1.0  Introduction [R12]
5.1.1  IMS charging applicability [R8]
5.1.2  IMS charging correlation
5.1.3  SDP handling [R8]
5.1.4  Trigger conditions [R8]Word-p. 21
5.1.5  IMS support of real-time tariff transfer [R9]
5.1.6  Served user identification [R11]Word-p. 22
5.1.7  Single charging session from AS/ATCF acting as B2BUA [R11]
5.1.8  Charging support for roaming architecture for voice over IMS with local breakout [R11]Word-p. 23
5.1.8A  Charging support for roaming architecture for voice over IMS with home routed traffic [R14]Up
5.1.9  Charging support for Network provided Location information [R11]Word-p. 25
5.1.9A  Charging support for IMS transit scenarios [R12]Word-p. 26
5.1.10  Charging support for TRF [R11]
5.1.11  Charging support for IMS service continuity [R13]
5.1.12  IMS support of OCS-provided announcements [R13]
5.1.13  Charging support of UE location(s) and TimeZone(s) [R13]
5.1.14  Charging support of duration based charging [R16]Word-p. 27
5.2  IMS offline charging principlesWord-p. 28
5.2.1  Basic principles
5.2.2  Message flows and typesWord-p. 29  Introduction [R12]  Message flows - successful cases and scenarios  Session establishment - mobile origination  Session establishment - mobile terminationWord-p. 33  Mid-session proceduresWord-p. 34  Session release - mobile initiatedWord-p. 36  Session-unrelated proceduresWord-p. 38  Session establishment - PSTN initiatedWord-p. 39  Session establishment - IMS initiatedWord-p. 40  Session release - PSTN initiatedWord-p. 41  Session release - IMS initiatedWord-p. 42  Multi-Party callWord-p. 43  AS related procedures - AS acting as a redirect serverWord-p. 46  AS related procedures - AS acting as a voice mail serverWord-p. 47  AS Related Procedures - AS Acting as a SCC AS [R7]Word-p. 48  Initiating alternate charged party call [R7]Word-p. 75  Session establishment via IBCF to S-CSCF - IMS initiated [R8]Word-p. 77  AS related procedures - AS acting as a MMTel AS. [R8]Word-p. 78  Session establishment via IBCF to a third party AS providing tariff information in real time (RTTI) [R9]  Third party AS providing tariff information in real time (RTTI) during the session [R9]Word-p. 79  Support of Optimal Media Routing (OMR) [R10]Word-p. 80  AS acting as a B2BUA - single charging session [R11]Word-p. 91  Session establishment for roaming architecture for voice over IMS with local breakout [R11]Word-p. 93  Service continuity using ATCF [R11]Word-p. 96  Message flows - error cases and scenariosWord-p. 104
5.2.3  CDR generation
5.2.4  GTP' record transfer flows
5.2.5  Bi CDR file transfer
5.3  IMS online charging scenarios
5.3.1  Basic principles
5.3.2  Message flows and typesWord-p. 108  Introduction [R12]  Immediate Event Charging (IEC)Up  Event Charging with Unit Reservation (ECUR) and Session Charging with Unit Reservation (SCUR)Up  IMS service termination by OCS
5.4  IMS charging scenarios for service based charging interface scenarios [R16]Word-p. 126
6  Definition of charging informationWord-p. 133
6.1  Data description for IMS offline charging
6.2  Data description for IMS online chargingWord-p. 177
6.3  IMS charging specific parametersWord-p. 180
A  BibliographyWord-p. 191
B  Message flows for service termination by OCSWord-p. 192
C  Change historyWord-p. 201

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