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TS 32.282
Charging Management –
Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) charging

V18.0.0 (Wzip)2023/12  33 p.
Dr. Deng, Yimeng

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1  Scopep. 7

The present document is part of a series of documents that specify charging functionality and charging management in 3GPP networks. The 3GPP core network charging architecture and principles are specified in TS 32.240.
The present document specifies the converged charging description for the time sensitive networking domain based on the functional stage 2 description in TS 23.501, TS 23.502 and TS 23.503.
This charging description includes the converged charging architecture, principles, requirements and scenarios specific to the time sensitive networking, with focus on the following charging scenarios: .
  • the TSN 5GS bridge configuration and management charging.
  • the enabler for time sensitive communication and time synchronization charging.
  • the time sensitive communication traffic charging.
It further specifies the structure and content of the CDRs and the charging events for converged charging.
All references, abbreviations, definitions, descriptions, principles and requirements, used in the present document, that are common across 3GPP TSs, are defined in TR 21.905. Those that are common across charging management in 3GPP networks/domains, services or subsystems are provided in the umbrella TS 32.240 and are copied into clause 3 of the present document for ease of reading. Finally, those items that are specific to the present document are defined exclusively in the present document.

2  Referencesp. 7

The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of the present document.
  • References are either specific (identified by date of publication, edition number, version number, etc.) or non-specific.
  • For a specific reference, subsequent revisions do not apply.
  • For a non-specific reference, the latest version applies. In the case of a reference to a 3GPP document (including a GSM document), a non-specific reference implicitly refers to the latest version of that document in the same Release as the present document.
TS 32.240: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; Charging architecture and principles".
TS 32.254: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; Exposure function Northbound Application Program Interfaces (APIs) charging".
TS 32.255: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; 5G Data connectivity domain charging; stage 2".
TS 32.290: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; 5G system; Services, operations and procedures of charging using Service Based Interface (SBI)".
TS 32.291: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; 5G system; Charging service, stage 3".
TS 32.297: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; Charging Data Record (CDR) file format and transfer".
TS 32.298: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; Charging Data Record (CDR) parameter description".
TR 21.905: "Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications".
TS 22.104: "Service requirements for cyber-physical control applications in vertical domains".
TS 22.261: "Service requirements for the 5G system; Stage 1".
TS 23.501: "System Architecture for the 5G System; Stage 2".
TS 23.502: "Procedures for the 5G System".
TS 23.503: "Policy and Charging Control Framework for the 5G System; Stage 2".
TS 24.519: "5G System (5GS); Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) Application Function (AF) to Device-Side TSN Translator (DS-TT) and Network-Side TSN Translator (NW-TT) protocol aspects; Stage 3."
TS 32.295: "Telecommunication management; Charging management; Charging Data Record (CDR) transfer".

3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviationsp. 8

3.1  Termsp. 8

For the purposes of the present document, the terms given in TR 21.905 and the following apply. A term defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same term, if any, in TR 21.905.

3.2  Symbolsp. 8

For the purposes of the present document, the following symbols apply:
Reference point between TSN AF and CHF
Reference point between TSCTSF and CHF
Reference point between the NEF and the CHF

3.3  Abbreviationsp. 8

For the purposes of the present document, the abbreviations given in TR 21.905 and the following apply. An abbreviation defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same abbreviation, if any, in TR 21.905.
5G System
Access Stratum TIme
Centralized Network Configuration
Device-side TSN translator
Network-side TSN translator
Time Synchronization
Time Sensitive Communications
Time Sensitive Communication and Time Synchronization Function
Time Sensitive Networking
Time Sensitive Networking Application Function

4  Architecture considerationsp. 9

5  Time sensitive networking charging principles and scenariosp. 12

5.1  Time sensitive networking charging principlesp. 12

5.2  Time sensitive networking charging scenariosp. 13

5.2.1  Basic principlesp. 13

5.2.2  Message flowsp. 14

5.2.3  CDR generationp. 27

5.2.4  Ga record transfer flowsp. 27

5.2.5  Btsn CDR file transferp. 27

6  Definition of charging informationp. 27

$  Change historyp. 33

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