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TS 32.154SA5
Backward and Forward Compatibility (BFC) –
Concept and Definitions

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Petersen, Robert

This TS gives recommendations to develop future IRP specifications in a Backward Compatible (BC) way so that the group of IRPManager(s) and IRPAgent(s) are not forced to be upgraded in lock step.
The Itf-N partitions two groups of interacting entities called IRPManager(s) and IRPAgent(s). The interactions between an IRPManager and IRPAgent are specified by the set of IRP specifications the IRPAgent supports, and which the IRPManager uses.
  • Each YyyIRP (where "Yyy" stands for Alarm, BasicCM, etc.) permits a manager to, via getIRPVersion, inspect it's supported IRPVersion(s). Each such IRPVersion uniquely identifies one supported Interface IRP SS.
  • Each YyyIRP may also permit an IRPManager to, via getNRMIRPVersions, inspect it's supported NRM IRPVersion(s). Each such IRPVersion uniquely identifies one supported NRM IRP SS.
The 3GPP IRP specifications are expected to evolve. For example, 3GPP Release 6 specifications include more or modified features compared to the corresponding set in Release 5. An IRPManager and IRPAgent, with implementations conformant to the same IRP specification (at the same IRPVersion(s)) will be able to communicate. However, an upgrade of the IRPVersion, if not performed by both IRPAgent and IRPManager, can result in interworking failure if Backward Compatibility (BC) issues are not addressed.
The present document is applicable/relevant to a system context of a group of interacting IRPManagers and IRPAgents where some members are using one IRPVersion while others are using an upgraded IRPVersion.

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