3GPP 38-series — Radio Technology beyond LTE

new Specifications and Reports at each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting

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This list presents the latest Specifications and Reports (TS/TR) introduced during each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting, beginning from the most recent meeting and going back to approximately mid-2016, around the commencement of the 5G era. By reviewing this list, you can easily identify the assigned rapporteur responsible for each TS/TR, along with the corresponding company or organization that has delegated them to contribute to this standardization process.
TS 38.355Mr. Guo, YiIntel Corporation (UK) Ltd5G New Radio SLPP
TS 38.521-5Mr. Balasubramanian, VijayQualcomm Technologies IntConformance UE-X/R Satellite access RF
TS 38.551Dr. Szini, IstvanApple AB5G New Radio: MIMO OTA Conformance testing
TS 38.561Mr. Mohan, AshwinApple Portugal5G New Radio: UE TRP/TRS reqs and test for FR1
TR 38.741Dr. Sayenko, AlexanderApple AB DenmarkNon-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) L-/S-band for NR
TR 38.751Mr. Du, Haovivo Mobile Communication Co.,UE RF requirement for NR FR2 multi-Rx chain DL reception
TR 38.761Miss Zhu, SitingCAICTMeasurements of MIMO OTA performance of UE
TR 38.786Mr. Xing, JinqiangOTECHUE radio X/R for NR sidelink evolution
TR 38.843Dr. Montojo, JuanQualcomm Germanyon AI/ML for NR air interface
TR 38.846Dr. Ma, ZhifengZTE Corporationon simplification of band combination specification
TR 38.858Mr. WANG, FEIChina Mobile Com. Corporationon evolution of NR duplex operation
TR 38.869Mr. Pan, Xuemingvivo Mobile Communication Co.,on low-power Wake-up Signal and Receiver for NR
TR 38.870Dr. Wang, Ruixinvivo Communication Technologyon enhanced OTA test methods for NR FR1 TRP and TRS
TR 38.871Dr. Han, BinQualcomm Incorporatedon NR FR2 OTA testing enhancements
TR 38.876Miss Guo, ChunxiaChina Mobile Group Device Co.on Air-to-ground network for NR
TR 38.881Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies Franceon Lower MSD for inter-band CA/EN-DC/DC combinations
TR 38.891Miss Zhang, JuanBeijing Xiaomi Mobile Softwareon NR RF reqs for FR2 for Rel-18
TR 38.895Miss Guo, ChunxiaChina Mobile Group Device Co.on High power UE for NR FR1 TDD single band
TR 38.848Miss Zhang, XiaoranChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Ambient IoT (Internet of Things) in RAN
TR 38.878Mr. Wu, JingzhouChina Telecommunicationson NR demodulation performance evolution
TR 38.877Mr. Liu, LiehaiHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltdon NR mmWave MB-BS
TS 38.181Miss Guo, QiugeCATT5G NR Satellite Access Node Conformance Testing
TR 38.835Mr. SEBIRE, BenoistNokia Germanyon XR enhancements for NR
TR 38.844Ms. Sienkiewicz, EstherEricsson LMon efficient utilization of licensed spectrum...
TR 38.872Ms. Shan, HuipingCATTon enhancement for 700/800/900MHz band combinations
TR 38.892Mr. Shafi, MansoorSpark NZ LtdAPT 600 MHz NR band
TR 38.893Mr. Fong, GeneQualcomm Koreaon UE support of regionally-defined subsets of an NR band
TS 38.115-1Ms. Shan, HuipingCATT5G NR Repeater Conducted conformance testing
TS 38.115-2Mr. Xue, FeiZTE Corporation5G NR Repeater Radiated conformance testing
TR 38.859Dr. Chatterjee, DebdeepIntel Corporation (UK) Ltdon expanded and improved NR positioning
TR 38.864Mr. Wang, YiHUAWEI Technologies Japan K.K.on network energy savings for NR
TS 38.161Dr. Wang, Ruixinvivo Communication TechnologyNR UE TRP and TRS requirements
TR 38.853Mr. Wendler, IngoSwiss Federal Railways Ltdon 900MHz NR band for Europe for Rail Mobile Radio
TR 38.865Mr. Bergman, JohanEricsson LMon further NR RedCap UE complexity reduction
TR 38.867Mr. Zhang, NanZTE Corporationon NR Network-controlled Repeaters
TR 38.879Mr. Inoue, ShokiNTT DOCOMO INC.on enhancement for Resiliency of gNB-CU-CP
TS 38.101-5Mr. Jin, YiranSamsung R&D Institute UK5G NR Satellite access Performance Req.
TS 38.108Dr. Panaitopol, DorinTHALES5G NR Satellite AN radio X/R
TR 38.717-01-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon NR intra-band CA Rel-17 for xCC DL/yCC UL
TR 38.717-02-01Dr. Cao, AijunZTE Wistron Telecom ABon NR inter-band CA/DC Rel-17 for 2DL/xUL
TR 38.717-03-01Miss Song, YuexiaCATTon NR inter-band CA/DC Rel-17 for 3DL/1UL
TR 38.717-03-02Dr. Cao, AijunZTE Wistron Telecom ABon NR inter-band CA/DC Rel-17 for 3DL/2UL
TR 38.717-04-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon NR inter-band CA Rel-17 for 4DL/1UL
TR 38.717-04-02Mr. Wu, YueSamsung Guangzhou Mobile R&Don NR inter-band CA Rel-17 for 4DL/2UL
TR 38.717-05-01Mr. Zhang, PengHUAWEI Technologies Japan K.K.on NR inter-band CA Rel-17 for 5DL/1UL
TR 38.785Mr. Lee, Sang-wookLG Electronics DeutschlandUE radio X/R for enhanced NR sidelink
TR 38.839Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies Franceon Rx/Tx band combinations for NR CA/DC, NR SUL and LTE/NR DC
TR 38.841Mr. Liu, BoChinatelecom Cloudon High power UE for NR inter-band CA 2DL/xUL
TR 38.842Dr. Wang, JinHuawei Technologies R&D UKon High power UE for NR inter-band CA and SUL
TR 38.851Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia Corporationon UE enhancements of NR RF requirements for FR2
TR 38.852Mr. Wendler, IngoSwiss Federal Railways Ltdon 1900MHz NR band for Europe for Rail Mobile Radio
TR 38.863Mr. Jin, YiranSamsung R&D Institute UKon NTN related RF and co-existence aspects
TR 38.882Mr. Chuberre, NicolasTHALESon network verified UE location for NTN in NR
TR 38.918Dr. Song, DanChina Mobile Com. Corporationon 5G NR UE full stack testing for Network Slicing
TS 38.106Miss Zhang, XiaoranChina Mobile Com. Corporation5G New Radio Repeater X/R
TS 38.114Mr. Xie, YumingZTE Corporation5G New Radio Repeaters EMC
TS 38.151Dr. Wang, Ruixinvivo Communication TechnologyNR UE MIMO OTA Performance requirements
TS 38.351Dr. Lu, QianxiGuangdong OPPO Mobile Telecom5G New Radio SRAP
TR 38.833Miss Yang, ShanChina Telecommunicationson further enhancement on NR Demodulation performance
TR 38.834Mr. Liu, QifeiOPPOon Measurements of UE OTA performance for NR FR1
TR 38.837Mr. Feng, Sanjunvivo Communication Technologyon UE RF Requirements for TxD for NR
TR 38.849Dr. Hejselbaek, JohannesNokia Denmarkon 6GHz NR unlicensed operation
TR 38.854Mr. Dalsgaard, LarsNokia Denmarkon NR support for high speed train scenario in FR2
TR 38.862Dr. Ma, ZhifengZTE Corporationon band combination handling in RAN4
TR 38.868Mr. Fernando, ChanQualcomm Incorporatedon optimizations of pi/2 BPSK uplink power in NR
TR 38.884Dr. Wang, Ruixinvivo Communication Technologyon enhanced test methods for FR2 UE
TR 38.838Dr. Montojo, JuanQualcomm CDMA Technologieson XR (Extended Reality) evaluations for NR
TR 38.845Dr. Seo, HanbyulLG Electronics Inc.on scenarios of coverage NR positioning
TR 38.847Mr. Everaere, DominiqueEricsson Limitedon New frequency range for NR (47.2 - 48.2 GHz)
TR 38.860Mr. Shafi, MansoorSpark NZ Ltdon Extended 600 MHz NR band
TR 38.861Mr. BASAIER, JIALADEChina Unicomon high power UE for one NR FDD band
TS 38.176-1Mr. Kybett, RichardHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltd5G IAB Conducted Conformance Testing
TS 38.176-2Mr. Golebiowski, BartlomiejNokia Poland5G IAB Radiated Conformance Testing
TR 38.832Mr. Chen, NingyuChina Mobile Com. Corporationon enhancement of RAN Slicing
TR 38.808Dr. Lee, DaewonIntelon supporting NR from 52.6 GHz to 71 GHz
TR 38.836Dr. Lu, QianxiGuangdong OPPO Mobile Telecom.on NR Sidelink Relay
TR 38.857Dr. Munier, FlorentEricsson Inc.on NR positioning enhancements
TR 38.875Mr. Bergman, JohanEricsson LMon support of reduced capability NR devices
TR 38.890Mr. Cao, GenChina Unicomon NR QoE management and optimizations
TR 38.921Mr. Liu, LiehaiHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltdon IMT parameters for 6.425 - 7.025 GHz…
TR 38.830Mr. Zhu, JianchiChina Telecommunicationson NR coverage enhancements
TS 38.174Dr. Hampel, GeorgQualcomm Incorporated5G New Radio IAB Radio Transmission and Reception
TS 38.175Mr. Zhou, WubinZTE Corporation5G New Radio IAB Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
TR 38.809Ms. Li, YankunSamsung R&D Institute UKon Background for NR IAB Radio Transmission and Reception
TR 38.831Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia Corporationon UE RF requirements for Frequency Range 2 (FR2)
TS 38.314Mr. Chen, NingyuChina Mobile Com. CorporationNR Layer 2 measurements
TR 38.716-01-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon NR intra-band CA Rel-16 for xCC DL/yCC UL
TR 38.716-02-00Dr. Cao, AijunZTE Wistron Telecom ABon NR inter-band CA/DC Rel-16 for 2DL/xUL
TR 38.716-03-01Miss Song, YuexiaCATTon NR inter-band CA/DC Rel-16 for 3DL/1UL
TR 38.716-03-02Dr. Cao, AijunZTE Wistron Telecom ABon NR inter-band CA/DC Rel-16 for 3DL/2UL
TR 38.716-04-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon NR inter-band CA Rel-16 for 4DL/1UL
TR 38.820Mr. Szydelko, MichalHuawei Technologies Sweden ABon the 7 to 24 GHz frequency range for NR
TR 38.827Dr. Wang, Ruixinvivo Communication Technologyon radiated metrics and test methodology for NR UE
TR 38.883Mr. Liu, BoChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.on support of NR DL 256 QAM for FR2
TR 38.886Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on V2X Services based on NR; UE radio X/R
TR 38.887Ms. Malekafzaliardakani, ReihanehEricsson GmbH, Eurolabon TDD operating band in Band n259
TR 38.888Mr. Li, ShuangCBNon Adding wider channel bandwidth in NR band n28
TS 38.340Mr. Shi, YulongHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd.5G New Radio Backhaul Adaptation Protocol
TR 38.807Dr. Lee, DaewonIntelon Requirements for NR beyond 52.6 GHz
TR 38.821Mr. Chuberre, NicolasTHALESon NR to support Non-Terrestrial Networks
TR 38.823Mr. Sen, XuChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.on further enhancement for disaggregated gNB
TR 38.856Dr. LIU, LiangChina Mobile International Ltdon local NR Positioning in NG-RAN
TR 38.819Mr. Immonen, AnttiDish Networkon LTE Band 65 for NR (n65)
TR 38.822Mr. Lim, Seau SianIntel K.K.on User Equipment Feature List
TR 38.828Mr. Park, JongkeunLG Electronics Finlandon CLI-RIM for NR
TR 38.840Dr. Cheng, Fang-chenCATTon UE Power Saving in NR
TR 38.873Mr. Angelow, IwajloNokia Germanyon TDD Operating Band in Band n48
TS 38.521-4Mr. Balasubramanian, VijayQualcomm UK LtdConformance UE-X/R Performance
TS 38.533Mr. Cardalda Garcia, AdrianROHDE & SCHWARZ5G New Radio: UE Conformance for RRM
TR 38.824Miss Cheng, YanHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.on Physical Layer enhancements for NR URLLC
TR 38.825Mr. Koziol, DawidNokia Germanyon NR Industrial IoT
TR 38.855Mr. Khoryaev, AlexeyIntel Corporation (UK) Ltdon 5G New Radio Positioning support
TR 38.885Dr. Webb, MatthewHuawei Tech.(UK) Co., Ltdon NR Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)
TS 38.101-4Mr. Qiu, HaijieSAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.5G New Radio UE-X/R Performance Req.
TS 38.141-1Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies France5G NR BS Conducted Conformance Testing
TS 38.141-2Mr. Szydelko, MichalHuawei Technologies Sweden AB5G NR BS Radiated Conformance Testing
TS 38.171Mr. Catmur, RichardSpirent Communications5G New Radio Req. for Support of A-GNSS
TR 38.812Dr. Yuan, YifeiZTE Corporationon Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for NR
TR 38.826Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on NR Vehicle Mounted UE with 2Rx Antenna
TR 38.866Ms. Wu, DanChina Mobile Com. Corporationon Remote Interference Management for NR
TR 38.874Dr. Hampel, GeorgQualcomm Incorporatedon 5G NR: Integrated Access and Backhaul
TR 38.889Dr. Sun, JingQualcomm IncorporatedNR-based access to Unlicensed Spectrum
TS 38.521-1Miss Shi, YuChina UnicomUE Tests: Conformance Applicability
TS 38.521-2Miss Zhang, YufengCAICTConformance UE-X/R Range 2 Standalone
TS 38.521-3Mr. Wang, KevinQualcomm IncorporatedConformance UE-X/R Ranges 1 and 2
TS 38.522Dr. Song, DanChina Mobile Research Inst.NR UE: Applicability of RF/RRM Test Cases
TR 38.810Mr. Chervyakov, AndreyIntel Corporation (UK) Ltdon 5G NR Test Methods
TR 38.903Ms. Gu, ChunyingHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd5G NR UE Tests: Measurement Uncertainty
TR 38.905Mr. Ziren, MikaelEricsson France S.A.S5G NR Derivation of Test Points for UE
TS 38.304Dr. Ozturk, OzcanQualcomm CDMA Technologies5G New Radio UE Procedures in Idle Mode
TS 38.305Dr. Fischer, SvenQualcomm CDMA TechnologiesUE Positioning in 5G NG-RAN
TS 38.307Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia CorporationNR: Rel-independent Frequency Band Req.
TS 38.410Mr. Godin, PhilippeNokia FranceNG-RAN: NG General Aspects and Principles
TS 38.411Dr. XU, Jian (James)LG Electronics Inc.NG-RAN - NG Layer 1
TS 38.412Mr. Min, TianyangNTT DOCOMO INC.NG-RAN - NG Signalling Transport
TS 38.413Mr. Kelley, SeanNokia JapanNG-RAN - NG Application Protocol (NGAP)
TS 38.414Mr. Li, DapengZTE CorporationNG-RAN - NG Data Transport
TS 38.415Mr. Godin, PhilippeNokia FranceNG-RAN PDU Session User Plane protocol
TS 38.420Mr. Lopes, LuisQualcomm UK LtdNG-RAN Xn General Aspects and Principles
TS 38.421Ms. Liu, AijuanCATTNG-RAN Xn interface Layer 1
TS 38.422Mr. Min, TianyangNTT DOCOMO INC.NG-RAN Xn interface Signalling Transport
TS 38.423Mr. Vesely, AlexanderEricsson LMNG-RAN Xn Application Protocol (XnAP)
TS 38.424Mr. Miller, JamesInterDigital Germany GmbHNG-RAN Xn interface Data Transport
TS 38.455Dr. Lyazidi, YazidEricsson LM5G NR Positioning Protocol A (NRPPa)
TS 38.460Dr. Arjona, AndresNokia JapanNG-RAN E1 General Aspects and Principles
TS 38.461Dr. Han, JaeminIntel Mobile CommunicationsNG-RAN E1 Layer 1
TS 38.462Dr. Yang, XudongHuawei Technologies FranceNG-RAN E1 Signalling Transport
TS 38.463Mr. Muller, JulienEricsson LMNG-RAN E1 Application Protocol (E1AP)
TS 38.508-1Mr. Jönsson, BoEricsson LM5GS UE Conformance: Common Test Env.
TS 38.508-2Mr. Mohammed, Abdul RasheedMotorola Mobility Germany GmbH5GS UE Conformance: Common ICS Proforma
TS 38.509Mr. Thiruvathirai, RamakrishnanROHDE & SCHWARZ5GS Special Functions for UE Conformance
TS 38.523-1Ms. yang, zhaobingHiSilicon Technologies Co. Ltd5GS UE Protocol Conformance
TS 38.523-2Mr. Cheruvu, Bharadwaj KumarQualcomm CDMA Technologies5GS UE Conformance ICS Proforma
TS 38.523-3Mr. Genoud, OlivierETSI5GS UE Conformance Test Suites
TR 38.811Mr. Chuberre, NicolasTHALESon NR to support Non-Terrestrial Networks
TR 38.814Mr. Sano, YousukeDOCOMO Communications Lab.on NR band n79: 4.4-5.0 GHz
TR 38.815Mr. Kim, TaekhoonSamsung Electronics Co., Ltdon NR bands n257 (26.5-29.5GHz) & n258 (24.25-27.5 GHz)
TR 38.817-01Mr. Sano, YousukeDOCOMO Communications Lab.on UE RF for 5G New Radio
TR 38.817-02Mr. Skold, JohanEricsson LMon BS RF for 5G New Radio
TR 38.813Mr. Shao, ZheChina Mobile Group Device Co.on NR bands n78 (3.3-3.8GHz) & n77 (3.3-4.2GHz)
TS 38.101-1Mr. Vintola, VilleQualcomm UK Ltd5G NR UE FR1 (410MHz-7125MHz) Standalone
TS 38.101-2Mr. Vintola, VilleQualcomm UK Ltd5G NR UE FR2 (24250MHz-52600MHz) Standalone
TS 38.101-3Mr. Vintola, VilleQualcomm UK Ltd5G NR UE-X/R Ranges 1,2
TS 38.104Mr. Skold, JohanEricsson LM5G New Radio BS-X/R
TS 38.113Dr. Cao, AijunZTE Wistron Telecom AB5G New Radio Base Station EMC
TS 38.124Mr. Bergljung, ChristianEricsson LM5G New Radio EMC req. for MTs
TS 38.133Dr. Yang, TangApple ABReq. for 5G NR Radio Resource Management
TS 38.201Mr. Nagata, SatoshiNTT DOCOMO INC.Description of 5G NR Physical Layer
TS 38.202Dr. Manolakos, AlexandrosQualcomm IncorporatedServices by 5G New Radio Physical Layer
TS 38.211Dr. Parkvall, StefanEricsson LM5G NR Physical Channels and Modulation
TS 38.212Miss Cheng, YanHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd5G NR Multiplexing and Channel Coding
TS 38.213Dr. Papasakellariou, ArisSamsung Research AmericaNR Physical Layer procedures for Control
TS 38.214Dr. Enescu, MihaiNokia GermanyNR Physical Layer procedures for Data
TS 38.215Dr. Lee, DaewonIntel5G New Radio Physical Layer Measurements
TS 38.300Mr. SEBIRE, BenoistNokia GermanyNR and NG-RAN Overall Description
TS 38.306Mr. Lim, Seau SianIntel K.K.5G New Radio UE Radio Access Capabilities
TS 38.321Mr. Jang, JaehyukSAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd.5G New Radio MAC Protocol
TS 38.322Ms. Zhang, YuanyuanMediaTek Inc.5G New Radio RLC Protocol
TS 38.323Mr. Yi, SeungJuneLG Electronics Inc.5G New Radio PDCP Protocol
TS 38.331Mr. Palm, HakanEricsson LM5G New Radio RRC Protocol
TS 38.401Mr. Ng, ChenghockNEC CorporationNG-RAN Architecture Description
TS 38.425Ms. Xu, LixiangSamsung R&D Institute UKNG-RAN NR User Plane protocol
TS 38.470Mr. Olofsson, HenrikHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.NG-RAN F1 General Aspects and Principles
TS 38.471Mr. Muller, JulienFUJITSU Laboratories of EuropeNG-RAN F1 interface Layer 1
TS 38.472Mr. Miller, JamesInterdigital Asia LLCNG-RAN F1 interface Signalling Transport
TS 38.473Mr. Olofsson, HenrikHuawei Technologies Co. Ltd.NG-RAN F1 Application Protocol (F1AP)
TS 38.474Dr. Han, JaeminIntel Technology India Pvt LtdNG-RAN F1 interface Data Transport
TR 38.806Mr. Muller, JulienEricsson LMon Separation of NR CP-UP for Split Option 2
TR 38.816Mr. Umesh, AnilNTT DOCOMO INC.on CU-DU Lower Layer Split for NR
TR 38.801Mr. Umesh, AnilNTT DOCOMO INC.on New RAT Architecture and Interfaces
TR 38.802Dr. Takeda, FredNTT DOCOMO INC.on New RAT Physical Layer Aspects
TR 38.803Mr. Umeda, HiromasaNTT DOCOMO INC.on New RAT RF and co-existence aspects
TR 38.804Mr. Takahashi, HideakiDOCOMO Communications Lab.on New RAT Radio i/f Protocol Aspects
TR 38.805Mr. Säynäjäkangas, TuomoNokia Networks Oyon New RAT 60 GHz Unlicensed Spectrum
TR 38.901Mr. Jang, YoungrokSamsung Electronics Co., Ltdon Frequency Spectrum from 0.5 to 100 GHz
TR 38.912Mr. Takeda, KazuakiNTT DOCOMO INC.on New Radio (NR) Access Technology
TR 38.913Dr. Xu, XiaodongChina Mobile Com. Corporationon 5G Next Generation RAT
TR 38.900Dr. Nam, Young-hanSamsung Research Americaon Frequency Spectrum above 6 GHz