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TS 38.101-1 (RAN4)
5G New Radio —
User Equipment Radio Transmission and Reception
Part 1: Range 1 Standalone

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V16.0.0 (Wzip)2019/06  268 p.
V15.6.0 (PDF)2019/06  237 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Vintola, Ville
See also:
TS 36.101   for E-UTRA

The present document establishes the minimum RF characteristics and minimum performance requirements for NR User Equipment (UE) operating on frequency Range 1.
The present document is a Single-RAT specification for NR UE, covering RF characteristics and minimum performance requirements. Conformance to the present specification is demonstrated by fulfilling the test requirements specified in the conformance specification TS 38.521-1.
The Minimum Requirements given in this specification make no allowance for measurement uncertainty. The test specification TS 38.521-1 defines test tolerances. These test tolerances are individually calculated for each test. The test tolerances are used to relax the minimum requirements in this specification to create test requirements. For some requirements, including regulatory requirements, the test tolerance is set to zero.
The measurement results returned by the test system are compared - without any modification - against the test requirements as defined by the shared risk principle.
The shared risk principle is defined in Recommendation ITU-R M.1545.

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