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TS 38.212RAN1
5G New Radio —
Multiplexing and Channel Coding

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WI Acronym:  NR_newRAT-Core
Rapporteur:  Dr. Shen, ZukangHuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd

The present document specifies the coding, multiplexing and mapping to physical channels for 5G NR.
Data and control streams from/to MAC layer are encoded /decoded to offer transport and control services over the radio transmission link. Channel coding scheme is a combination of error detection, error correcting, rate matching, interleaving and transport channel or control information mapping onto/splitting from physical channels.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations
4  Mapping to physical channelsWord-p. 9
5  General proceduresWord-p. 10
6  Uplink transport channels and control information
6.1  Random access channel
6.2  Uplink shared channelWord-p. 34
6.3  Uplink control informationWord-p. 46
6.3.1  Uplink control information on PUCCH
6.3.2  Uplink control information on PUSCHWord-p. 60
7  Downlink transport channels and control information
8  Sidelink transport channels and control information [R16]
A  Change historyWord-p. 144

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