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TS 38.523-3RAN5
5G System –
User Equipment Conformance Specification
Part 3: Test Suites

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V15.7.0 (PDF)2020/03  232 p.

WI Acronym:  5GS_NR_LTE-UEConTest
Rapporteur:  Mr. Genoud, OlivierETSI

The present document specifies the protocol and signalling conformance testing in TTCN-3 for the 3GPP UE connecting to the 5G System (5GS) via its radio interface(s).
The following TTCN test specification and design considerations can be found in the present document:
  • the test system architecture;
  • the overall test suite structure;
  • the test models and ASP definitions;
  • the test methods and usage of communication ports definitions;
  • the test configurations;
  • the design principles and assumptions;
  • TTCN styles and conventions;
  • the partial PIXIT proforma;
  • the test suites.
The Test Suites designed in the document are based on the test cases specified in prose (TS 38.523‑1). The applicability of the individual test cases is specified in the test ICS proforma specification (TS 38.523‑2).
The present document is valid for TTCN development for 5GS UE conformance test according to 3GPP Releases starting from Release 15 up to the Release indicated on the cover page of the present document.