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TS 38.214RAN1
5G New Radio —
Physical Layer procedures for Data

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V16.0.0 (Wzip)2019/12  147 p.
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WI Acronym:  NR_newRAT-Core
Rapporteur:  Dr. Enescu, MihaiNokia Germany

The present document specifies and establishes the characteristics of the physicals layer procedures of data channels for 5G‑NR.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 8
4  Power controlWord-p. 9
5  Physical downlink shared channel related proceduresWord-p. 10
5.1  UE procedure for receiving the physical downlink shared channel
5.1.1  Transmission schemesWord-p. 12
5.1.2  Resource allocation
5.1.3  Modulation order, target code rate, redundancy version and transport block size determinationWord-p. 22
5.1.4  PDSCH resource mappingWord-p. 31
5.1.5  Antenna ports quasi co-locationWord-p. 34
5.1.6  UE procedure for receiving reference signalsWord-p. 36
5.1.7  Code block group based PDSCH transmissionWord-p. 46
5.2  UE procedure for reporting channel state information (CSI)
5.2.1  Channel state information framework
5.2.2  Channel state informationWord-p. 59
5.2.3  CSI reporting using PUSCHWord-p. 93
5.2.4  CSI reporting using PUCCHWord-p. 96
5.2.5  Priority rules for CSI reportsWord-p. 97
5.3  UE PDSCH processing procedure time
5.4  UE CSI computation timeUp
5.5  UE PDSCH reception preparation time with cross carrier scheduling with different subcarrier spacings for PDCCH and PDSCH [R16]Word-p. 101
6  Physical uplink shared channel related procedure
6.1  UE procedure for transmitting the physical uplink shared channel
6.2  UE reference signal (RS) procedure
6.3  UE PUSCH frequency hopping procedureWord-p. 136
6.4  UE PUSCH preparation procedure time
7  UE procedures for transmitting and receiving on a carrier with intra-cell guard bands [R16]Word-p. 138
8  Physical sidelink shared channel related procedures [R16]
8.1  UE procedure for transmitting the physical sidelink shared channelWord-p. 139
8.2  UE procedure for transmitting sidelink reference signals
8.3  UE procedure for receiving the physical sidelink shared channel
8.4  UE procedure for receiving reference signals
8.5  UE procedure for reporting channel state information (CSI)
A  Change historyWord-p. 145

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